Elden Ring: Pause Game Even Without Mod – This Is How It Works

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Commonly known, in Elden Ring you can’t pause the game — or can you? Yes, you can, with or without mods! Guided author Kevin Willing now shows you how to pause at any time in Elden Ring — without mods!

Elden Ring is hard and dry, and it cares very little if you have to do some work for little Elden Lords or if the pizza delivery guy is at the door. But worst of all, your forehead itches in the middle of a boss fight and all you want to do is scratch… Scratch off. In those few seconds, the boss has ironed your face. But, in fact, there is a simple trick how you can reliably pause in Elden Ring.

This is how you can pause Elden Ring – Twitter user gives tip

This is how the trick helps: If you want to pause Elden Ring, you currently have to finish the entire game. At least you have to go to the main menu, only to not be able to continue where you left off. You will always start from a place of grace and not from your last position.

With the help of a trick from Youtuber IronPineapple, you can now pause Elden Ring at any time. The one pause button doesn’t exist though, you’ll have to choose through the menu several times in battle. Don’t worry, it’s pretty quick:

  1. Open your inventory
  2. Press the help input button
  3. Now select menu explanation and you’re done

Now Elden Ring should be paused, and you can scratch your head — or other places — stress-free, receive your pizza or ascend your porcelain throne.

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Your opinion: What do you think about the non-existent pause button in Elden Ring? Is it a good idea to make the game more challenging, or do you wish for a scratch break sometimes? Share your opinion in the comments or discuss with us in our community discord. We look forward to hearing from you.


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