Hogwarts Legacy: Solve the Fire Bridge Puzzle in the Castle

Published: Apr. 09, 2023
Updated: May. 06, 2023

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In Hogwarts Legacy, secret places and puzzles are hidden around every corner, including the bridge that connects the Great Hall and the Library Annex. In this guide, we'll show you how to solve the puzzle of the fire bowls on the bridge.

As you explore Hogwarts, sooner or later you'll come across the bridge between the Great Hall and the Library. On it, there are four fire bowls with mysterious gears. There is also a metal image on the floor in front of the library. Don't break your wizard's head, it's known to leave a mark on your forehead -- just follow our guide to solving the fire bridge puzzle.

Hier findest du die Brücke, auf der du das Rätsel lösen musst.

Here you will find the bridge where you have to solve the puzzle.

How to solve the fire bowl puzzle on the bridge at Hogwarts

What do you need? In order to tackle the puzzle at all, you need to master the Incendio spell. You will receive this spell during the main story in one of your classes. Additionally, you need some brains -- or simply our instructions.

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This is how the puzzle works: If you take a closer look at the bridge in the castle, you will see the four fire bowls, their mechanisms, and the symbols on the pillars. Each fire bowl has its own symbol. You can also find these symbols on the metal picture in front of the library:

  • Triangle
  • circle
  • Square
  • Triangle with circle

Each of these four symbols is assigned a number, which can also be found on the columns below the fire bowls. But before you turn the fire bowls, light them all with Incendio. Just go to a bowl and activate the spell. If all the bowls on the bridge are burning, the next step follows.

This is the correct order: Go back to the metal picture in the floor. Notice which number belongs to which symbol. Go to the columns and turn them to the correct number accordingly:

  • Triangle = 1
  • circle = 2
  • square = 4
  • Triangle with circle = 3

Once you've done that, the metal image in the floor reveals its true nature: it's a hatch that leads you below the Fire Bowl Bridge. Here you'll find three chests with loot inside. In our case, we got a Christmas tree and a new scarf.

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Any questions? If something is unclear or if you have any comments about our guide, please write a comment. If you need further help, you can go to the guide overview of Hogwarts Legacy here: Guide Overview - Find the right Guide

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Wanted to let you know there are actually 3 chests here; the third holds a wand handle. 🙂

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