Hogwarts Legacy: How to Win the Crossed Wands Finals With Ease

Published: Feb. 09, 2023
Updated: Feb. 11, 2023

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In Hogwarts Legacy there is a secret dueling club called "Crossed Wands", in which you'll compete in three duels against other wizard kids. The third round against the reigning champions is actually difficult, but there's a trick you can use to defeat the quartet hands down.

They seem strong at first: Hogwarts Legacy is not an easy role-playing game, and this is evident in the secret club of duelists ("Crossed Wands"). At least in the third round, when you have to fight the currently best in class. It's not a fair duel, it must be said, because with or without a partner you'll have to deal with four mages and witches at the same time.

At first, apprentice wizards get a good spanking here, too. Without a whole arsenal of healing potions, the final round seems impossible to win. But we have good news for you: there is a simple trick how to win round three without even moving much at all.

Crossed Wands Round Three: How to Become a Champion

Alright, you shouldn't enter the arena in the clock tower without any Wiggenweld potions (aka healing potions). But you don't need to carry more than three or four. By the way, it doesn't matter who fights by your side; both Sebastian and Natsai are great backups.

Once the match for the "club belt" has begun, you'll only need to focus on two buttons: Protego and standard attack spell. That's all you need for this fight. Stand still and wait for the opponents to attack you. Protect yourself in time with Protego and hold the button down to fire a powerful counterattack. You'll see that this will cause the protection spell of the person or people you hit to burst and disappear. Now send three standard attacks after it, and protect yourself again with Protego.

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And that's almost it. You can really keep up this alternation of "Protego counter" and three subsequent standard attacks until your opponents are all down. The only important thing is to make sure to protect yourself with Protego without stopping! As soon as an enemy attack occurs, you hold down the Protego button to execute the counterattack again. This is followed by the three standard attacks, repeat. Yes, you can even take your fingers off the directional keys and sip a coffee while doing so. With that in mind, congratulations in advance on winning the title.

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