Hunt Showdown: Where to find Gator Traps Locations + Map

Published: May. 18, 2023
Updated: May. 18, 2023

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In Hunt Showdown you have been able to complete questlines for a while now, and for these you have to find and activate eight alligator traps, among other things. We'll show you where you can find the traps.

What is it about? Since update 1.10, Hunt Showdown includes questlines, which are divided into several phases and promise you rich loot. The missions vary in complexity and range from "Find X alligator traps" to "Use a Molotov in 10 fights". In this guide to Hunt we will show you where you can find the alligator traps and have a map with the possible locations for you!

In which locations can you find the alligator traps?

You can find alligator traps in Hunt Showdown at all locations where there is water. That alone is probably not enough for you, good. Activate Dark-Sight to spot the traps from a distance up to 150 meters. The traps will then be marked in white in the sky, which is easy to miss.

The alligator traps look like large crab cages and are partly hidden in bushes or in the dense reeds at the edge of rivers or lakes. With the help of Dark Sight, however, you shouldn't be able to miss them. In the current questline "Vengeance of the Skinned" you have to find alligator traps again.

Attention: It should be said that the traps do not spawn directly in compounds, even if they are located on the water.

Map with possible locations of alligator traps in Hunt Showdown

On the following map you can find all possible spawn locations of alligator traps:

Here you can find rough spawn areas of the alligator traps on the three maps.

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