Hunt Showdown: The Best Solo Player Loadouts (1.5.3)

Published: Jul. 06, 2021
Updated: Jul. 06, 2021

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Have you just redeemed your prestige, or are you looking for new inspiration for your Solo Hunt Showdown Loadout? Then you are exactly right here. We'll show you 4 different loadouts, from cheap and allround to meta.

Getting used to: In this guide, we suggest some loadouts for solo hunters in Hunt Showdown. But it should be said in advance that it mainly depends on your personal preference which weapons you like and which you don't. Anyway, we hope you find at least some inspiration.

The best Solo Loadouts in Hunt Showdown (1.5.3)

1. Allrounder Loadout


Nr. Weapons Tools Utilities Price
1. Vetterli 71 Knife Weak Vitality $348
2. Caldwell Pax Bandages Strong Vitality
3. Molotov Cocktail

Weapons: The composition is chosen to be simple. The Vetterli 71 takes almost every hunter down with two shots. It also has a relatively high rate of fire. We chose the Caldwell Pax because of its slightly higher damage compared to the Caldwell Conversion.

Tools: Knife and bandages are self-explanatory, serve to heal and fight off mobs.

Utilities: Contributing a Molotov as a solo player in Hunt Showdown is essential. "Insta Burn" describes the meta where downed team members are immediately set on fire. Many players are annoyed by this, but as a solo hunter, you have no choice but to take an opponent out of the match. The vitality shots are included in the loadout so that you can heal yourself quickly even in tricky situations.

Conclusion: This loadout is particularly suitable for beginners. It is also possible to use it to earn some traits before buying better weapons.

2. Boss And Hunter Killer Loadout


Nr. Weapons Tools Utilities Price
1. Romero 77 Knife Weak Vitality $526
2. Uppercut Bandages Strong Vitality
3. Fuse Molotov Cocktail
4. Sticky Bomb

Weapons: With the Romero 77 you have what it takes to send another player over the Mississippi with one hit. In addition, the Romero 77 is the longest-range shotgun in Hunt Showdown. We have added the Uppercut Revolver here so that you have a real chance even over longer distances.

Tools: Again, knife and bandages are self-explanatory. We added the fuse so that you can quietly clear dog kennels and chicken coops, so your opponents won't hear you. Because that's the only way you can get close enough to them.

Utilities: As in the solo player loadout before, we've added a weak and strong vitality shot again. The Molotov Cocktail also serves the same purpose. The sticky bomb, on the other hand, is new and makes it extremely easy to bring down bosses.

Conclusion: With this solo loadout you are prepared for short and long distances. You can sneak or storm your opponents. Seeing you coming will be difficult for them.

3. One Bullet only - Loadout for accurates


Nr. Weapons Tools Utilities Price
1. Sparks LLR Knife Weak Vitality $419
2. M1895 Officer Bandages Strong Vitality
3. Fuse Molotov Cocktail
4. Frag Bomb

Weapons: You really have to land the first hit with the Sparks LLR. You shouldn't go wrong with just one bullet in the barrel. Then you secure the kill with the Nagant officer. We chose this gun because of its relatively high rate of fire. Optionally, you can also equip a Bornheim or Dolch 96 here, but especially the latter will be much more expensive.

Tools: In addition to a knife and a first-aid kit, it is up to you whether you buy fuses for an extra $ 10. You can use them again to clean cages and kennels.

Utilities: A Frag Bomb is added to this loadout as well. You can either use it to bring your opponents out of cover or kill them while trying to heal.

Conclusion: This solo loadout is really only for you if you are very accurate. If the bullet of your Sparks LLR does not land in the body of an enemy, this can result in your imminent death.

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4. The Meta Loadout


Nr. Weapons Tools Utilities Price
1. Mosin Nagant Knife Weak Vitality $1472
2. Dolch 96 Bandages Strong Vitality
3. Molotov Cocktail
4. Frag Bomb

Weapons: With the Mosin Nagant and Dolch 96 you are almost at the top of the meta. You only get more dangerous with the Trait "Quarter Master", which allows you to carry a Dolch 96 Precision in addition to the Mosin Nagant.

Tools: In the solo player meta, you can expect nothing more than in the other loadouts.

Utilities: This category will not change either. However, if you're looking to take down a boss, swap the cluster bomb for a sticky bomb.

Conclusion: Do you have enough hunt dollars on the high edge and want to be a killer machine? Then this Solo Loadout is just right for you.

What are your favorites

Do you have any other loadouts in mind that you would like to share with us and the readers? Let us know in a comment below the article! You do not even need to register for this.

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