Lost Ark: Farm Gold and Silver – How to Get Rich Fast

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Gold and silver are among the most important means of payment in Lost Ark world of Arkesia. But what is the fastest way to farm the precious metals? We’ve put together a series of tips for you and explain what you can do with your newfound wealth.

What’s it about: Money rules the world — this is also true for Arkesia or Lost Ark. If you want to trade or improve your equipment, you need a lot of gold. If, on the other hand, you want to advance your character progression, you’ll have to pay NPCs in the game with silver.

Gold and silver – What do the two currencies bring?

Lost Ark has a number of different game systems and, accordingly, various currencies. Gold and silver are among the most significant means of payment that you can earn yourself in the game without having to invest real money. However, the currencies differ in terms of their scope of application:

You require gold to trade with other players or to buy items in the auction house. These include consumables and crafting materials, as well as equipment and skins.
You can use silver to interact with NPCs and advance your character progression.
Farming gold in Lost Ark – How do I get rich quickly?

How fast you can get rich in Lost Ark depends largely on how you play. Basically, you can farm gold with the following in-game activities:

  • Quests and daily quests
  • Adventure islands
  • Dungeons
  • Unas tasks
  • Collecting masterpieces
  • Island rewards
  • Cooperative sea missions
  • NPC relationships
  • Trading in the auction house

Basically, though, not all of these activities are equally worthwhile if you want to get gold quickly. Collection tasks, relationships, and dungeons are the most likely candidates, as is selling non-essential items.

Collect Masterpieces

Among the items you can find and turn into gold in the Lost Ark game world are the so-called masterpieces. You get them by completing quests or filling adventure tomes. There are 38 masterpieces in Arkesia, for which you will collect a total of 29,000 gold when you show them to Alfonso on Sunflower Island. However, you must collect at least 20 masterpieces to get gold from Alfonso for the first time (3,000 gold).

Una’s Tasks

Once you’ve reached level 50 with your character and traveled the Northern region, you can accept Una’s quests, which are part of the game’s end-game content. These are special quests, for the completion of which you’ll collect Una’s tokens. You can complete daily and weekly quests.

The quests, in turn, reward you with various rewards, as well as a lot of gold. To unlock Una’s quests, talk to Rutaru in the west of North Vern. After that, a total of three guilds offer these quests, but you have to choose one of them. However, the tasks are the same for all guilds.

For each completed daily quest you will receive two points, for each weekly quest twelve points. If you collect 25, 35, 45, 55 and 70 points, you will receive a predetermined number of Unas tokens, which in turn can be exchanged for gold. Points are reset on a weekly basis.

Completing dungeons

You can visit the so-called “Chaos Dungeons” with a level 50 character and a Gearscore of 250 or higher in Lost Ark. If you defeat the second boss in these dungeons, which you can enter twice a day, you will receive a whole lot of gold, among other things. The same goes for the Abyssal dungeons, by the way. How much gold you bag depends on your gear score and the difficulty of the dungeon (the higher, the more gold), among other things.Gaming Vita shows you what a gold run in a dungeon can look like (via youtube.com).

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Take Care of Relationships

If you want, you can build relationships with different NPCs in Lost Ark. The better your relationship with a certain character, the more valuable gifts these NPCs will give you. The catch: you only get each reward once, so you can only farm a limited amount of gold with this method.

However, especially beginners and low-level characters get a nice start for their adventures in Arkesia with this method. The following NPCs are especially worth the effort:

  • Sasha (Star’s Origin): 3,500 gold
  • Avele (Vern Castle): 1,400 gold
  • Ealyn (Vern Castle): 1,000 gold
  • Neria (Wave Stand Harbor, East Luterra): 600 gold
  • Neria (Star’s origin): 600 gold
  • Thirain (Luterra Castle): 500 gold
  • Zeira (Star’s origin): 200 gold
  • Sell non-essential items

The Auction House, which you unlock at level 30, is a good place to quickly collect large amounts of gold, both during the leveling phase and in the endgame. So sell early and regularly those items you don’t need, including:

Collectible items for adventure foliants
Engraving guides and stones
Collectible cards
Upgrade materials
Raw materials

You can also farm raw materials specifically to sell them in the auction house. An answer to whether it’s worth selling or dismantling items is provided by the Youtuber Dvalin:

Another way to farm items and sell them in the auction house are the adventurer collectibles. If you collect these items, you can redeem them for rare items. But you also have the option to trade them with other players or offer them for gold. Youtuber Sike presents an effective farming method in a video:

Farming Silver – What is the fastest way to get this currency?

Although silver is used for different purposes than gold and it mainly benefits the interaction with NPCs, you farm this currency almost the same way as gold. The following activities provide silver as well as gold:

  • Quests
  • Chaos dungeons
  • NPC relationships
  • Unas tasks
  • Adventure Islands

You can also exchange the Sylmael Bloodstones you get when completing guild quests for chests. Each of these chests contains 2,500 silver. Finally, if you have an overflowing stash of gold, you have the option to trade gold for silver – 100 gold equals 10,000 silver. However, we only recommend this method in absolute emergencies, because silver can be farmed quite easily and quickly elsewhere.

We hope that this guide will help you to build up an adequate financial cushion in Lost Ark. Do you have any concrete tips for farming gold and silver in Arkesia? Then write it down in the comments!


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