Lost Ark: Rovlen location and how to defeat it

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We will tell you Rovlen’s location, the third world boss in the ARPG MMO Lost Ark. You can find him in Bilbrin Forest of West Luterra. He is one of the many world bosses scattered around, and we will tell you, how to defeat him.

This is where you can find Rovlen location in Lost Ark

Rovlen’s Location: Rovlen is located in the Bilbrin Forest area of the third area of West Luterra. You can find the monster plant in the south of the map.


Who is Rovlen? Rovlen was born of the scatteres moon pieces left behind after the Chain War. The chaos within the moon fragments awakened the dark will within a plant seed, and began to grow horrendous tentacles.

Feeling a sense of hunger, Rovlen began feeding on the living creatures around it. One Day, an unlucky herbalist came into the forest during Rovlen’s meal time. After that, human blood became Rovlen’s favorite source of nutrition.

  • Level: 25
  • Hit Points: 1.548.691 x 23
  • Respawn-Timer: 30 Minuten.


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These are Rovlen’s abilities

When fighting Rovlen, he uses different attacks:

  • Attacks with its long roots. Dodge the red areas.
  • Poison spit in a straight line.
  • In between, Rovlen will summon more tendrils that you should defeat.
  • From time to time, the boss wraps himself in a shield and heals himself a little.

If you skillfully dodge his abilities, Rovlen does not pose much of a threat. You should kill the summoned tendrils quickly, as they will also attack you. You can dodge his punches and the poison with ease.

In total, you have to damage Rovren for 35,619,893 in order for his 23 life bars to be completely drained.

You get these rewards from Rovlen

Once you’ve defeated Rovlen, you’ll receive epic gear that matches your class. Including jewelry, armor or weapons. Various treasure maps can also drop from the world boss.

  • Three pieces of epic gear (item level 150)
  • An Epic Accessory (iLvl 145)
  • A treasure map
  • eternity essence
  • A Card of Rovlen
  • Entry in the adventure book


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