Lost Ark: Caspiel location and how to defeat it

Published: Feb. 12, 2022
Updated: Jun. 15, 2023

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We will tell you Caspiel's location, the fifth world boss in the ARPG MMO Lost Ark. You can find him in Skyreach Steppe of Tortoyk. He is one of the many world bosses scattered around, and we will tell you, how to defeat him.

This is where you can find Caspiel location in Lost Ark

Caspiel's location: Caspiel is located in the Skyreach Steppe area of the Tortoyk area. You can find the stone giant in the east of the map.


Who is Caspiel? The Forest of Giants was where Caspiel, a stone giant born from Tortoyk's body, lay asleep. As the pirates raiding the island grew reckless to the point they hurt Tortoyk, Caspiel awoke from its long sleep.

Crushing the ones causing a disturbance in Tortoyk was the only purpose of its existence, and by instinct, it started to attack every stranger that approached Tortoyk.

  • Level: 39
  • Hitpoints: 1.967.454 x 23
  • Respawn-Timer: 30 Minuten.
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These are Caspiel's abilities

In the fight against the scarecrow Caspiel, he uses different attacks:

  • Caspiel stomps on the ground with mighty kicks
  • He also hits with his fists
  • When he swings his fists back to hit the ground, run out of the red circle
  • Sporadically, he sits down too - don't let yourself be crushed!

Caspiel's abilities are quite simple. Its attacks are slow but powerful. If you dodge them well, Caspiel isn't a problem.

In total, you have to inflict 45,251,442 damage on Caspiel so that his 23 life bars are completely emptied.

These rewards are given to you by Caspiel

Once you have defeated Caspiel, you will receive epic gear that matches your class. Including jewelry, armor or weapons. Various treasure maps can also drop from the world boss.

  • Three pieces of epic gear (item level 210)
  • An Epic Accessory (iLvl 215)
  • A treasure map
  • An eternity essence
  • A Card of Caspiel
  • Entry in the adventure book
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