Make Tarkov Bright Again! Create a Bright & Clear Picture with a Simple Trick

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Interiors and sometimes entire maps are much too dark in Escape From Tarkov, which is why we are showing you how you can not only make your game brighter, but also improve and expand the visual fidelity — with the help of in-game settings!

Dark, really dark: It’s no secret, the developers of Escape From Tarkov “turned off the lights” as they mentioned in one of their latest dev blogs. By that, they mean the darkened maps and buildings of the survival shooter. Today we’re going to show you how to make Tarkov brighter and clearer using in-game settings.

Make Tarkov Interchange & Co. brighter – Here’s how

Players keep their distance: For a while now, many players have no longer dared to use maps such as Interchange, Factory, or the Dorms on Customs. The reason for this is the relatively new lighting conditions that the BSG team deliberately created.

But that doesn’t have to be the end of Tarkov’s career, because you can improve these changes with a few simple adjustments in the game settings.

1. Adjust desktop settings

Yes, I promised, you can improve visibility in Tarkov using the in-game settings. That will come right away, but first, you have to go to your Nvidia control panel or your AMD counterpart.

If you have found your Nvidia control panel (or AMD), click on “Adjust desktop color settings”. Move the slider for Brightness and Contrast by 10 to 15 percent to the right. You should also increase gamma by 0.15. Do not make these settings yourself in Escape From Tarkov! They will wash out your picture and swallow all the details.


2. Choose the right filter in Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov offers many stylized filters that change the output image. There are cold, warm, retro filters, as well as a lot more. Many users recommend the Cognac filter to make Tarkov’s dark maps brighter.

However, the real goat is called “Chillwave”. Because, while Cognac only increases the brightness and places a blue filter over the picture, Chillwave improves the general clarity of the picture and the contrast and saturation values.


3. Adjust the filter according to the given situation

While Factory is always dark, there is also a bright outdoor area on Interchange. Here you will quickly notice that the settings of the Chillwave filter are not equally suitable for all situations. You have to adjust the intensity of the filter so that you also have an improved view in the open air. A value of 50 – 60 should be sufficient outside.

Result: comparison of interchanges inside and outside



Note that the results may vary depending on the monitor and panel technology. We gave you a rough framework and showed you how you can make dark maps in Tarkov lighter. Now it’s up to you, try around until you find the perfect result for you. Share your results with us in the comments, or join the growing community on Twitter!


  1. Sorry but to me this is all useless as the issue isn’t with my desktop its with Tarkov so changing my desktop settings while beneficial for Tarkov is detrimental to other things on my desktop. The best solution would be one that makes changes in Tarkov only.


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