New World: Upgrading Camp tier 1 to 5 - how it's done

Published: Oct. 09, 2021
Updated: Oct. 09, 2021

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In the MMORPG New World, you can set up your own camp outdoors to make basic food and potions. Better food requires a higher camp level. We'll tell you how to upgrade your camp.

This is your camp: Your camp in New World serves as a respawn point in the open game world as well as a cooking place and a place to rest, where you can stock up on basic items such as food, potions, and your first weapons.

You will learn the first level during the start quests in the MMORPG. But you can also use foreign camps in the game world and claim them as respawn points for yourself. Higher camp levels allow you to make more food and potions.

How to upgrade your camp in New World

To level up your camp further, all you have to do is complete the correct quest. These can each be found in a specific area:

  • Camp Tier 2: The level 17 quest "Friends in Fashion" in the Monarchs Bluff area can be found directly in town at the NPC Bercina Thornton.
  • Camp Tier 3: The level 30 quest "Animal Instincts" in the area Cutlass Keys can be found at NPC Tosch. Just walk southwest down the street out of town and keep to the right.
  • Camp Tier 4: The level 41 quest "Lupine Observations" in the Restless Shore area can be found directly in town at the NPC Rilette Wilson.
  • Camp Tier 5: The level 54 quest "Fading Lights" in the Edengrove area can be found directly in town at NPC Derick Wardell.

On the interactive New World Map, you can filter for NPCs and display them directly on the map. So you always know where to find the relevant NPC.

More about New World

This is what you can craft at your camp: You can make basic food for health recovery, mana recovery, and defense recovery up to level 5. Corrupt tinctures up to level 5, which can only be made in the warehouse, as well as putrefying tinctures up to level 5 and arrows up to level 2. You can also make beast, ancient, wraith, corrupted, and angry earth weapon coatings up to level 5 in your camp.

However, you can only craft weapons and tools at level 1, regardless of which level your camp is at.

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