New World: Winner's Spoils - Get the Legendary Gloves

Published: Dec. 09, 2022
Updated: Dec. 09, 2022

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Legendary equipment plays an important role in the endgame of New World. In particular, in the new area of the Sulfur Sand Desert, appropriate loot awaits you, including the T5 Gloves Winner's Spoil.

What's it about? If you want to get legendary equipment in New World, you can either craft it yourself or capture it in the game world of Aeternum. The T5 Gloves Winner's Spoil is available as loot – we explain how to get this Lightweight Hand Armor in the guide.

Lightweight Gloves Winner's Spoils: This is What They are Good for

What are the Winner's Spoils? The Gloves of the Winner's Spoils belong to the legendary items of Tier 5, which is currently the highest level of legendary equipment in New World. The gloves belong to the light armor class and are therefore especially interesting for classes that rely on a high level of agility.

What stats do the gloves have? The winner's pick has the following stats and talents:

  • Armor Class: Light.
  • Item level (armor value): 500 to 600.
  • Physical armor value: 69 to 86.
  • Elemental armor value: 69 to 86.
  • Soldier Armor Attributes (Talent): 20 to 25 Strength.
  • Gem Socket: one.
  • Refresh (Talent): Reduces maximum cooldowns by 2.8 percent.
  • Strengthening Counter (Talent): Damage absorption increased by 2 percent for six seconds when you dodge an enemy attack (stackable).
  • Physical Disgust (Talent): 2 percent less damage taken from ranged attacks.

Who are the gloves for? As mentioned above, the winner's spoils are light armor class gloves. Judging by the talents that the gloves bring, this item should be most interesting for ranged fighters.

How to Farm the Winner's Spoils in New World

How do I get the winner's spoils? The Winner's Spoils is one of the legendary items in New World that you can only find as loot in Aeternum. More specifically, you have a small chance of finding it as loot from the chests in the Sulphur Sand Desert area.

You will find the winner's spoils in various chests in the Sulfur Sand Desert.

The winner's spoils may be contained in the following treasure chests:

  • Grave Offerings (Grave Offerings)
  • Ancient Offerings
  • Elite Grave Offerings

You can see where you can find these chests on our interactive map of New World (just enter the terms of the chests in the search field).

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