Palworld: Find Ore & Craft Ingots [Best Locations]

Published: Jan. 24, 2024
Updated: Jan. 24, 2024

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In Palworld, ore is arguably the most important resource throughout the entire game, and today we at Guided will reveal where you can find a lot of ore, what you can make from it & how to build an infinite iron farm.

All about Iron Ore in Palworld (Short form)

  • Ore can be found everywhere in the game world, but some places have huge concentrations.
  • You can build an infinite iron farm using a Palbox & the right Pals.
  • Iron ore is needed for building structures as well as conveyors, weapons, and armors.

Where to find ore in Palworld? The best locations

Iron veins in Palworld protrude as gigantic rocks from the ground, shimmering silver-red. However, the real hotspots are areas where these veins concentrate. Here you can mine a lot of ore on your own, but you can also establish an infinite ore farm. On the following map, we have marked all the hotspots for iron ore in Palworld.

ore location palworld

Here you can find some of the best ore locations with a lot of ore.

Getting infinite ore with the automated Pal farm

At the iron-rich locations shown above, you should establish a permanent base. Start with a Palbox and ensure enough sleeping places for your Pals. A berry garden and feed trough are essential for securing food supply permanently. To get your Infinite-Iron Farm running, you need the following Pals:

  • Cattiva - Transport: Indispensable for collecting ores and berries.
  • Pengullet - Waters Gardens: A must for watering your garden.
  • Lifmunk - Sows and harvests: Your expert for planting and harvesting.
  • Digtoise and Tombat - Mine Ore: The perfect candidates for mining ore, fill all available slots with them.

Attention: You can research all the necessary Pals in our Complete Paldeck. Here you can also find alternative Pals that might do the job even better!

Do ores respawn? The ore farm is infinite because the ore veins reappear after sleeping once. Depending on work efficiency, your Pals can mine up to 10 ore veins per day. That's about 500x ore, which you can then smelt into 250 ingots.

How to craft ore into Ingots & improved ingots

The processing of ore is done in furnaces, from simple to advanced models. A Fire-Pal with the "Fire Ignition" ability is essential because only these can heat up the furnaces:

  • Creating ingots: Smelt 2x ore into 1x bar
  • Creating improved ingots: Smelt 2x ore + 1x coal into a bar

With the help of Fire Pals, you can smelt metal ingots.

What do you need Ingots for in Palworld? Important Crafting Recipes




Metal Axe / Pick Axe

15x Stone
20x Wood
5x Ingots


20x Ingots
20x Stone
5x Ice Organ


50x Wood
40x Stone
10x Ingot
5x Nails

Metal Spear

27x Holz
12x Stein
10x Metall

Cooking Pot

20x Wood
15x Ingots
3x Fire Organ

Coarse Ammo

1x Ingots
1x Gunpowder

Metal Armor

30x Ingots
10x Leather
5x Cloth

Sphere Assembly Line

30x Paldium Fragment
50x Wood
100x Ingots
20x Nails

Metal Structure Set

1x Ingots
2x Stone

Electric Mine

5x Organ
2x Electric Organ

Electric Heater

30x Refined Ingots
10x Circuit Board
30x Ingots
10x Fire Organ

Electric Pylon

100x Ingots
30x Electric Organ
20x Ciruit Board


25x Ingots
5x High Quality Pal Oil
30x Wood

Not just Ore, but Sulfur and Coal too!

If you want to know how you can also mine and process coal, sulfur, and Paldium in large quantities, then click on the linked guides:

These were all the details on finding, mining, and processing iron ore in Palworld. If you have any further questions or comments on the article, then write us a comment or contact the author directly via Community Discord. We also warmly invite you to our official Palworld Group on Facebook!

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