Playing Hide and Seek with Oliver in Baldur's Gate 3: How to Win with Ease

Published: Sep. 11, 2023
Updated: Sep. 11, 2023

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In Act 2 of Baldur's Gate 3, you can solve various puzzles related to the Shadow Curse. To cure the land's disease once and for all, you must find the boy Oliver... and play hide and seek with him. Find out how in this guide.

Baldur's Gate 3: Playing Hide and Seek with Oliver, what you Need to Know

Once you've reached the second act in Baldur's Gate 3, everything revolves around the Shadow Curse. Moon lanterns, dark vines, an undead family, and an immortal general are just part of the misery plaguing the entire land.

Part of the solution to help the inhabitants of this cursed place involves finding the boy Oliver and getting on his good side. Head east from the Last Light Tavern. Specifically, to coordinates X:65, Y:23.

Here you'll find an old, dilapidated house and its inhabitant: Oliver. The child is clearly suffering from the Shadow Curse and seems very lonely, which is why he plays with the shadows and passing travelers. And now, he wants to play hide and seek with you.

The reward for participating in this somewhat innocent pastime is the Shadow Ring, which grants a nice bonus to stealth. Additionally, this brings you closer to solving the Shadow Curse. But let's take it step by step.

Baldurs Gate 3: Verstecken spielen mit Oliver, was du dazu wissen musst

Playing Hide and Seek with Oliver: Round 1

The game is quite simple: Once you've agreed to play a round with Oliver, he will turn invisible and hide at a specific point. If you get too close, he becomes visible, and you score a point.

Either you already know where Oliver is and head straight to that spot, or you use magical assistance to find the boy. There are spells, scrolls, and accessories that allow you to see the invisible.

For instance, if you've had Volo operate on you with an ice pick in your camp, you'll receive a magical eye in return, which lets you permanently see invisible objects and people. This makes the hide and seek game a breeze.

Regardless of the method you choose to find the shadow-cursed boy, he can always be discovered in the same spot. Specifically, behind the old cart in front of the house, right by the fence. The coordinates are X:60, Y:31.

Baldurs Gate 3 - Olivers erstes Versteck

How to Win Round 2

Oliver doesn't take losing well, so you should console him when he's upset about his loss. Promise him another round, and he'll turn invisible again. And he also changes the rules.

To ensure you don't cheat again, his family joins the game this time. Creepy shadows take on the roles of his mother, father, and family dog. But you don't need to bother with these minions.

Select the party member closest to the house and enter. Oliver is either to the left of the door or to the right, in the middle of the adjoining room. As soon as you get close again, he becomes visible, and you can talk to him.

However, be warned: If you fail to find Oliver in the first round, his shadowy family members will also move and attack your group. If you hide your companions successfully, you can win the game quickly. If the family members spot you, you must first win the battle.

Once you've found Oliver a second time, he will finally accept his defeat. The boy isn't thrilled, but he proves to be a reasonably good loser and gives you the previously mentioned Shadow Ring as a reward.

What Happens if I Don't Want to Play Hide and Seek?

If you win the first round of hide and seek but refuse to play a second round, Oliver will become outraged and sic his ghostly family on you. In this case, you have no choice but to fight.

Both parents have a Shadow Curse aura and inflict necrotic damage on nearby enemies. Approach them only if you're sure the damage won't affect you or if you can quickly defeat the respective opponent.

Otherwise, ranged combat is recommended, along with a readiness to keep your distance from the enemies. In any case, your melee fighters should first deal with the family's nasty dog, as it can inflict high damage over time. But be warned, the parents can teleport, so you're only truly safe in one place.

That place is the roof of the dilapidated house. From here, you have a good view of things, can use the superior position for advantageous attacks, and can quickly react to any eventualities.

Baldurs Gate 3 - Olivers zweites Versteck

What Happens After the Fight? What Happens to Oliver?

If you want to break the Shadow Curse, the story with Oliver isn't over after the hide and seek game. Return to your camp and report to Halsin about your encounter; he will know what to do. Unless, of course, Halsin isn't your ally.

If you haven't recruited the druid into your group, he's dead or has turned against you. Unfortunately, you have no chance to help Oliver and, by extension, the entire land. The same applies if you killed Oliver in battle.

However, if Halsin is alive, talk to him and follow his personal questline until he has brought back the spirit of the land. Then tell him about Oliver and return to the boy on Halsin's behalf.

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