Starfield: How to add a Stolen Ship to Your Fleet Quickly

Published: Sep. 11, 2023
Updated: Feb. 28, 2024

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In Starfield, adding a new ship to your fleet isn't always a matter of choice. Here's how to quickly assign freshly stolen or purchased spacecraft to your fleet.

Add a new ship to your fleet (TLDR):

  • There are two ways to enlist a stolen, bought, or otherwise acquired ship into your service.
  • Option 1: Fly the spacecraft to a spaceport and access your ship inventory through the ship technician there. Then click on the "Register" option at the bottom right.
  • Option 2: Sit in the pilot seat of the new ship and designate it as your Home Ship in the Fleet Menu. After your original ship has undocked, set it as the Home Ship. Following that, you can register the new ship in the Fleet Menu.

How to Add an Acquired Ship to the Fleet in Starfield

Occasionally, Starfield is kind enough to give you a new ship, for example in the context of supposed random events in which the original ship crew has died. But also after winning space battles, here and there the opportunity arises for you to expand your fleet with an entry.

In both cases, however, there are a few things to do so that the new ship appears in your fleet list and can be fully managed. Let's start with the conventional solution, the registration of the ship in the next spaceport.

Starfield Add stolen ship to fleet 01

We did not capture this spaceship, a Pik Up, but we flew it back to its ancestral port. The entire crew had died before. (Starfield)

Option 1: Fly the (Stolen) Ship to a Spaceport

Plant yourself in the pilot's seat of the newcomer and head for any spaceport. As you know, you can find one in New Atlantis. This spaceport is also one of the most practical of its kind, because there is a ship's engineer near the landing pad, whose help you will need in this case.

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Note: As soon as you perform a grav jump, the current ship automatically becomes your home ship. You may want to change this again, which is also possible with the help of the ship technician.

Starfield Gestohlenes Schiff zur Flotte hinzufügen 03

A ship technician will show you your fleet and allow you to register your new ship. (Starfield)

Let the good man show you your ship's inventory, as in the picture above. This will open the fleet view, where you will see, among other things, the option "Register" in the lower right corner of the screen. This process is basically necessary in order to take ownership of a ship that you have not purchased.

Maybe take a deep breath before doing so, because the registration fee for a space ship is (at least for the "young" space captains) quite high. For the registration of the "Pik Up" shown here we had to pay 14,131 credits.

Starfield Add stolen ship to fleet 02

Unfortunately, getting a ship registered is a bit costly. (Starfield)

However, that's all you need to do. After that you can, also in the fleet view, change your home ship via the option "Set Home Ship" if necessary, or do other administrative things.

Option 2: Register the Ship Without Flying to a Spaceport

If the first option seems inconvenient, you can also register the new ship without flying to a spaceport. However, this option requires a few steps and may be more time consuming than the first option.

  • Sit in the pilot seat of the ship you want to register.
  • Then open the fleet menu and display the current ship.
  • Set the ship as your home ship.
  • Go to your original ship.
  • Enter the new ship again.
  • Now your original ship will undock. Face it and let it dock again.
  • Set the original ship as your home ship.
  • Now you can register the stolen or taken over ship via the fleet menu.

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