Raft: Balboa Island Walkthrough - Every Task, Notice & Treasure

Published: Sep. 12, 2022
Updated: Sep. 12, 2022

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In our guide to the survival game Raft, we show you how to reach Balboa Island and find all the treasures and information. For this, you have to complete six tasks, which we will guide you through step by step.

This is Balboa Island in Raft and this is how you solve all the puzzles

To get to Balboa Island, the third destination of Raft's story, you need the code found in the control cabin on the 6th floor of the Vasagatan ship. Balboa Island is a forest that grew on a rocky bottom and thus features massive cliffs.

What you should know beforehand: Due to the many bears and other dangers, you should return to your raft as soon as it gets dark. So that you can master all the tasks and defeat the boss of the island "Mama Bear", the following items should not be missing in your inventory:

  • min. 1x axe
  • Basic bow with 60x stone arrows
  • min. 1x metal spear
  • Sweep Net for Bees
  • Enough food
  • Enough water bottles
  • 1x headlight or 1x headlight

But don't forget to leave enough space in your inventory for new loot.

These are your tasks:

  • Activate Relay Station 4 and find Bruno's hammer and saw.
  • Distract Mama Bear to explore her lair.
  • Find the hidden bike.
  • Activate Relay Station 6 and unlock Johnny.
  • Activate Relay Station 2 and get the coordinates for Caravan Town.
  • Find the last note you require for the Balboa Historian.

Raft: Balboa Island Part 1: Relay Station 4

To arrive safely at Balboa Island, you should anchor your raft on the beach. If you come from the "wrong side", drive around the island until you get to the beach.

Once you have done this, enter the island via the beach, where you will quickly encounter a llama. You can use a net launcher to capture this and later other animals for your raft.

For the Net Launcher, you will need:

  • 2x bolts
  • 1x metal ingot
  • 4x plastic
  • 2x scrap

Find Bruno's saw

Now walk up the hill to a sign pointing to four locations:

Left Right
  • Relay Station 4
  • Relay Station 6
  • Relay Station 2
  • Ranger-Station

Since you want to go to Relay Station 4, turn left until you reach a four-post sign, where you turn left again. Then go straight ahead to the gorge wall, where you then turn right. DEFINITELY NOT LEFT, because Mama Bear is waiting there, the boss of this island, who will kill you if you are not sufficiently prepared.

Continue on your way, following the signs for Relay Station 4 until you come to a ledge with a signpost in front of it.

If you now go to the left, you will meet one or two bears, which you kill and collect their loot. In front of the cave, you will find two wild berry bushes, both of which you harvest (you need them for Mama Bear). In the cave, you can also find dirt and cave mushrooms.

Once you have collected everything, go back to the point where you went left to the bears, and this time go in the opposite direction, i.e. to the right. You will find a locker with "Shhh! Bear Stash!" written on the front. Open it, and you get Bruno's saw.

Find Bruno's hammer

Now keep going uphill until you see a sign on the hill pointing to Relay Station 4 on the right and follow this sign until you come to a raised drawbridge.

Using the bow you brought, shoot an arrow at the lever to the right of the bridge, which is on the opposite side.

Once you hit the lever, the drawbridge will release and fall down, making it accessible again. Back up a bit beforehand to avoid getting hit by her. Now go across the bridge until you come to Relay Station 4.

Don't enter the relay station yet, but walk past it a little further, where you will come across a grove containing two natural beehives. Collect the honeycombs and other wild berries from the bushes. You should now have at least five Wild berries.

After that, go back to Relay Station 4 and go inside. Directly to the left of the entrance is a lever that you pull. You should see "1/3 Relay Stations active" on a nearby screen. Near the lever, you'll find a note and a fuel line schematic.

Opposite the lever, across the room, you'll find another note on a chair. To the right of the workstation, you will find Bruno's hammer, which you pick up.

RAFT: Balboa Island Part 2: Mama Bear's Lair

Now go back the way you came and follow the signs towards the ranger station to the starting point, where you should never turn left earlier.

Now follow the left path towards Mama Bear until you see the sea behind the cliffs and a sign to your left warning you of the bears. Go to a kind of box that is covered with a blue cloth.

Interact with the crate and fill it with your collected wild berries, which instantly attract Mama Bear. Mama Bear will eat for now, but keep your distance anyway and go into the cave, where you will find a machete and the blueprint for it.

RAFT: Balboa Island Part 3: Finding the Hidden Bike

Once you've collected everything, leave Mama Bear's cave and turn right. As you continue up the hill, keep turning left until you find some dolls and five notes. By interacting with the dolls, you get lightbulbs, which you store in your inventory.

Go back down the hill the same way you came up. Turn left at the path leading to Mama Bear's cave. Follow the path that will bring you back to your raft. As you follow the path, you should hear a bell or bell-ringing around you. Follow this sound to the bike and collect it if needed.

After that, you can go to your raft or fight Mama Bear. Neither is relevant for the further course of the game.

RAFT: Balboa Island Part 4: Relay Station 6

If you went back to the raft, now go up the mountain the same way to the sign that tells you where to go for Relay Station 6. Follow the signs to Relay Station 6.

On your way, you will encounter bees you can catch using a sweep net. But only if they are just flying around in the air. For each swarm, you get four bee jars, which you need to build a beehive.

Once you have followed the path to Relay Station 6 you will come to a sign pointing left, and follow it. You should come to a cave overgrown with vines. Cut the vines with your machete and continue into the cave. As soon as it gets too dark, you can turn on the headlight or a headlight to be able to see again. In this cave, you can also collect Cave Mushrooms and Dirt.

Unlock Johnny

Towards the end of the cave, you'll find another note on the floor. Once you've managed to get through the cave, you'll see Relay Station 6. Look down as you go up the stairs to find another note.

Once at the top, enter the station where you'll find Bruno's wrench on the left and some plastic on the floor, which you'll collect. Then go into the room. This will unlock another playable character in Raft: Johnny. On the desk, on the left, you will also find a blueprint for a fuel tank.

To activate Relay Station 6, go to the back of the room and pull the lever there.

RAFT: Balboa Island Part 5: Relay Station 2

Now go back to the way you came and follow the signs that will take you to Relay Station 2.

Toxic Pit

You've almost reached Relay Station 2 when you come to a toxic pit "fenced in" by spiked wooden barricades. Jump over the crates that are in the pit, giving you the only way to cross. It's best not to fall into the pit.

Coordinates to Caravan Town

If you have arrived safely on the other side, you will see Relay Station 2 on the left and the Ranger station on the right. For the coordinates to Caravan Town, first, go left to Relay Station 2.

Climb the stairs to Relay Station 2 and then go through the door. To activate these, like Relay Stations 4 and 6, flip the switch located on the wall. By activating, you will receive the code for your next destination: Caravan Town. In the locker on the left, you will find another note.

RAFT: Balboa Island Part 6: Ranger Station

Descend from Relay Station 2 and go to the nearby ranger station. In the ranger station, place all three of Bruno's tools in the tool rack on the right. Which falls down with the load and reveals another note to you.

A mattress in the back of the room holds the last note you need for the Balboa Historian. On the desk, you will also find the blueprint for a biofuel refiner.

Tip: You're done with Balboa Island now, but you can stay here to catch the goats, llamas, bees, and defeat bears for leather. Of course, you can also try to hunt down Mama Bear. At best, you don't do this alone.

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