How to solve the Resident Evil Village Music Box Puzzle

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The solution to the Resident Evil Village Music Box Puzzle is not directly clear and can lead to frustration among players. We’ll tell you how to move the cylinders to get the tweezers.

This is the music box puzzle: The music box puzzle in Resident Evil Village is not that easy if you don’t know what to look for. In the house of the doll maker Beneviento you will find the music box that is supposed to play a familiar sound. You know this sound from Ethan’s apartment, but you’ve probably forgotten it by now.

This is how you solve the riddle: You have to sort the 5 cylinders of the music box so that they reproduce the correct sound. Otherwise, Ethan will complain that something is wrong.

You can see various scratches on the individual cylinders, some deeper than others. The solution here is relatively simple: Sort the cylinders so that the scratches fit together. More precisely, there are two deep scratches on the left side of the music box and one on the right side.

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The colleagues from Gamesradar have highlighted the striking scratches in red to make the solution easier for you:
Resident-Evil-Village-musicbox-solutionThis is your reward: if you have arranged the cylinders correctly, you can play the music box. A small compartment opens, and you can collect the “Tweezers” item. You need the tweezers to move forward in the story. More specifically, to get a roll of film out of a doll’s mouth.


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