Scorn Guide: All Puzzles of Act 2-2

Published: Oct. 15, 2022
Updated: Oct. 16, 2022

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The new horror adventure game Scorn presents you with many tricky tasks. Our Scorn Guide reveals the solutions to all the puzzles in Act 2-2.

Scorn is really puzzling: Scorn, the latest horror adventure in the "Alien" style, can do much more than disgusting scenes and a jumpscare-free scary atmosphere. Especially the extensive puzzles stand out from Ebb Software's eerie work because you always have to keep the big picture in mind here.

Many of the game's puzzles intertwine so that several small sub-puzzles must be solved to solve one big main puzzle. Our Scorn Guide prevents your trip through the bizarre H.R. Giger world from being disturbed by too long pondering breaks.

Here are all the solutions to the brainteasers contained in Act 2-2 of Scorn.

All Scorn Puzzles:

Scorn Guide: Act 2-2

Round Gates

We'll start this Scorn Guide right after Act 1-2. Once you've followed the path to the right in the cave and done everything, a platform lift will drop you off one floor below in a new area. Go straight down the tunnel and follow your nose to a vending machine. Level up your key card there to two points.

Continue to the right and keep to the right. You will come out at the beginning again. From the starting point, now go left, and open the level 2 ice gate. In the lower cave behind it, wait for the strange creature underground to disappear. Now activate the console with your weapon. Repeat this twice to pass the circular gate (see screenshot).

Scorn Guide - Runde Tore öffnen

Activate the console behind it. Then immediately go back to the last console and activate it again (only once). Leave the room to the right and run back to the start. Now go back to the machine where you upgraded the keycard. As you can see, the upper path is now free. Follow it to the hall with the transport pods.

Hall with transport pods

Activate the nearest console, and the gondola in front of you will move. Get into it on the left and let it take you to the opposite side. Get out. Activate the console at the back to make the other gondola fall off the grapple arm. Exit the hall to the left through the tunnel at the back, where you follow the path.

After a moment of running, you'll be in another hall, where you'll see a large grapple arm on the right. Run straight past it and, behind a right turn at the vending machine, load up your "Healing Spider". Now run back to the big grapple arm and go up the platform via the front console. Exit the platform to the right,

Run down the tunnel and then follow the nose. After a moment, you will reach another grapple arm; it points upwards. Run down by the grapple arm, enter the gondola, and turn right. This passage will lead you to another console, which you activate. Exit the vault to the right, recharge your spider at the vending machine, and follow the path again.

Be careful, there is some trouble waiting in the next larger room. Run through to the back, turn right, run a bit and immediately turn right at the deck tentacle to run into the next tunnel. You'll reach a console here as well, activate it as usual. Exit this vault to the right and run entirely through into the next hall.

On the other side, you'll find a triple console on the left. Activate the left lever and go back to the other side, where you will reach the newly opened area (same floor) via the elevator on the right.

Pentagram Puzzles 1+2

Now for two of the rather crunchy puzzles in our Scorn Guide. At the back of the top floor of the hall with the elevator, you'll find a console with an associated vending machine whose surface looks a bit like a pentagram. First, note the screenshot below.

Scorn Guide - Pentagramm Rätsel

As you can see, three lamps light up there. This is because we have aligned the notches (1) of the large, round "connecting nodes" (2), i.e. we have connected the nodes. However: The second-lowest node must also light up, which it does not do in the screenshot because its notch is still aligned with the right node. The node supplies the lowest node via its connected "guide arm", but its notch must also point downwards so that it also lights up.

To do this, you must rotate the nodes more independently of each other, which you achieve by means of the guide arm of the lower node. For example, if you connect the right node with the guide arm of the lower node, you can rotate the notch of the lower node via the right node. Of course, it works the same way with the left knot. Note that the notch of the connected knot moves with it.

It is best to align the notches of the left and right knots so that they are both connected to the lower knot after two rotations. If you then align the notch of the lower node so that it is in sync with the guide arm after four rotations, you can connect all nodes with two rotations each of the right and left nodes (see below).

Once you have done this, operate the small device at the bottom right of the pentagram. By the way, if you think this stuff is already complicated, look forward to the next floor.

Scorn Guide - Pentagramm Rätsel 2

Use the second lever on the three-way console, go to the elevator, and get off one floor below. Here, too, you'll find a vending machine in the back - and it serves you the same (damn) puzzle again. Only a bit harder.

You now have to connect four nodes, this time, both the upper and the lower one have a guide arm. First, rotate the left and right nodes again so that their notches power the other nodes within two rotations.

Then do the same with the upper and lower nodes, connecting them by their guide arms so that only they move. Once you've done that, all you have to do is connect all the nodes according to the familiar principle (see screenshot).

Scorn Guide - Pentagramm Rätsel 3

Hall with transport gondolas 2

Act 2 is the longest of the game, but finally, this Scorn Guide is coming to an end. Once you've pulled the third lever on the triple console, take the elevator down to the last floor and follow the path. You will soon arrive back at the second large grapple arm. Run up the right ramp and immediately go around to the right to another console. Activate it, and the upper grapple arm will grab the elevator gondola and move it to a new position.

Follow the gondola and exit the vault to the right. You already know this area; go back to the first hall with the transport gondolas (by the big platform with the grapple arm). Move down the platform again using the front console; the grapple arm should point to the left (move using the back console). Grab the gondola with the grapple arm and move the platform back up.

Use the direction keys to turn the grapple arm with the gondola to the right, and press the left mouse button to transfer the gondola to the smaller grapple arm. Exit the platform to the right and press the console there. Get into the gondola on the platform and jump out at the next station.

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