Scorn Guide: All Puzzles of Act 4

Published: Oct. 16, 2022
Updated: Oct. 16, 2022

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The new horror adventure game Scorn presents you with many tricky tasks. Our Scorn Guide reveals the solutions to all of the puzzles in Act 4.

Scorn is really puzzling: Scorn, the latest horror adventure in the “Alien” style, can do much more than disgusting scenes and a jumpscare-free scary atmosphere. Especially the extensive puzzles stand out from Ebb Software's eerie work, because here you always have to keep the big picture in mind.

Many of the game's puzzles intertwine in such a way that several small sub-puzzles must be solved in order to solve one big main puzzle. Our Scorn Guide prevents your trip through the bizarre H.R. Giger world from being disturbed by too long pondering breaks.

All Scorn Puzzles:

Here are all the solutions to the brainteasers contained in Act 4 of Scorn.

Scorn Guide: Act 4

Large "Hatcher

Walk forward into the cave in front of you, then turn right. Keep moving until you stand in front of a console (and a giant monster). Activate the console and press the left mouse button again. Leave the console and run through the short tunnel at the bottom right.

Activate the console. Turn around and pay attention: leave the area on the left path. Run a reasonable distance, always following your nose, until you reach the place in the screenshot below.

Scorn Guide - Labyrinth Rätsel

Go up the left ramp and activate the console on the left, then press the left mouse button again. Return to the point in the screenshot, now walk down and straight ahead. Further back, you will see an apparatus with a maze on the display. Run there, stand in front of it, and now run straight through.

Take the gun. Turn around and go to the left, there is a berserker. Take the elevator up one floor, run straight ahead, then right again (up the ramp). Level up your key at the vending machine (level 4). Run down the ramp again and open the iron gate at the back right.

Walk through it and keep left. You already know this area. Return to the place in the screenshot above. Now run down the ramp and go left. Open the gate with the key. Keep right and go through the small tunnel on the right. Activate the console below.

Leave the room and go back the way you came. Now go back to the apparatus with the labyrinth on the display, behind it, walk straight ahead again. But now take the left passage further back. Open the iron gate with the key.

One floor up, run to the back to the next elevator. One more floor up, you'll see the next console on the right, not far from the elevator, which you activate. Leave the area via the elevator, run straight ahead—and watch out again: On the right-hand side is another small tunnel that is easy to miss. Run through it and activate the console. Thin out outside to the right, open the gate at the console, and go to the labyrinth puzzle (right).

Labyrinth Puzzle

This is one of the easier puzzles in our Scorn Guide series. The goal is to move the ball in the maze to the point marked in orange using the directional keys. However, this doesn't work for obvious reasons, so you have to rotate the device. First, move the ball to the point in the first screenshot.

Scorn Guide - Labyrinth Rätsel Lösung

Now rotate the apparatus with a mouse click. A new maze appears. Now you just have to make your way through it by swapping the mazes as needed. That's it: Walk up the outer left ramp and exit the level straight ahead (and around a few corners) by monorail.

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