Smalland: How to Find and Mine Flint

Published: May. 04, 2023
Updated: May. 12, 2023

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Flint is one of the resources that you need to improve your weapons in Smalland and that you can find easily. Our guide will show you where to find flint and how to mine it in this miniature-survival game.

What this guide is about: With the help of Flint, you get a wholly improved set of stronger and longer-lasting weapons and tools., which are crafted by the stone cutter. With the help of these more robust tools, you can harvest other resources, such as stones, much faster.

Where to Find Flint in Smalland

The quickest and easiest place to find flint is on the beaches of Smalland, which is also home to geckos, green beetles, dragonflies, water bugs, and wasps that are very aggressive and always ready to attack you. Besides, you can meet the rhinoceros beetle on the beach, one of the bosses in the game. So, it's in your interest to take weapons with you or play the game in peaceful mode, where none of the animals and insects will attack you on their own.

We have highlighted the beach where the flints are found on this map.

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How to Recognize and Harvest Flint

Flintstones can be easily distinguished from regular stones by their color. While the ordinary stones can be recognized by their light gray, the flints can be easily located on the beach by their black color.

To mine flint, you need at least a mandible pickaxe that you can craft from the following materials on a workbench:

  • 1x Bull Ant Mandible
    • Bull Ants are the big red/orange ants
  • 5x Resin
  • 5x Wood
  • 5x Fibers

Once you have the Mandible Pickaxe in your possession, you can start mining the flints with it. The better your equipment is, the faster you can mine flints and the longer the equipment will last.

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