Sons of the Forest: Where to Find the Shovel

Published: Mar. 22, 2023
Updated: May. 14, 2024

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Players of Sons of the Forest know that a shovel is indispensable for survivors. However, the useful tool is not easy to find in the survival game; our guide with a map helps.

The shovel is a loot tool: The open world of Sons of the Forest contains all kinds of places with valuable loot, but it doesn't always give away its treasures voluntarily. For example, to open graves you need a shovel, and to get the shovel in your possession, other tools are required. Anyway, there's no need to panic, because we are here to help.

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Where You Can Find the Shovel in Sons of the Forest

In order for the shovel to become yours, you may first need to get two other tools. The path to the shovel has a few obstacles that you can only overcome with the help of these. Here's what you need and where to find the stuff:

Sons of the Forest Map: Here's where you can find the shovel

You will find the shovel in the cave with the green circle mark.

Once you are in possession of the mentioned tools, you can head to the place marked in the picture above. This is the cave where you will find the shovel. However, as indicated before, not easily. You will first have to kill some mutants and make your way through the cave using the rope gun and the rebreather.

This is how you get to the shovel: At the beginning, you will use the rope gun to get deeper into the cave over an abyss. Before you do this, you should go into the abyss once, as an oxygen bottle awaits you here. Once you are deeper in the cave, you have to go into the lake to your left, and from the middle of it, a narrow passage leads underwater.

As mentioned above, you will encounter many enemies in the cave; cave cannibals, baby mutants, crawlers, and spitters. If you are alone, you can use the torch to kill many of the enemies quickly; otherwise, a pistol or spear is your best choice to keep the enemies at bay.

To get further to the shovel, stick to the dead construction workers who show the way with their lamps. You will then come to a second spot where you have to dive. It's all straight ahead; you can't get lost in the cave. On the way, you will also find an add-on for your torch. You will reach the cave section at the end of which a construction worker is sitting with a shovel in his hand – in the background, you will see a vast research facility, which you cannot enter.

If you go back now, after the dive, you will meet a slug mutant a little further on, which is making its way through the wall. You can blow it up with grenades and thus open up a faster way to the surface.

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