Starfield: Fix the Comms Computer Mission Guide

Published: Sep. 14, 2023
Updated: Feb. 16, 2024

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In this guide, you'll learn how to fix the comms computer in the "Return to Vectera" mission in Starfield. During this quest, you need to locate Barrett, and his location data will be on this computer.

How to repair the comms computer (TLDR):

  • During the "Return to Vectera" mission, have a chat with Lin.
  • You'll find out that the comms computer is crucial for locating Barrett and Hillex, but it's broken.
  • To fix it, you need 3 emergency power cells.
  • Lin gives you one cell; you can get another from a nearby robot. The third cell is on a table next to the robot.

Starfield: How to Fix the Comms Computer

Starfield: Power Cell

When you get to Vectera and talk to Lin, you will need to fix the Comms Computer, but it needs a power source to do so. First, you'll have to find the Vectera Control Room Key to get to it, and for power, you need Emergency Power Cells. Finding them is not too difficult, as you will need three of them, while there are as many as six at the location. This is where you can get the Emergency Power Cells:

  1. You can get one if you talk to Lin again.
  2. Near the place where you spoke, there is a robot, from which you can also take a Power Cell.
  3. Another cell is on the table near the robot.
  4. Not far from the robot, there are pallets with barrels and boxes. There is one Power Cell on these pallets.

Two more are in the compartment behind the orange door, where you will find the Comms Computer:

  1. When you go inside the second room, there will be a cell on the right next to the yellow crates.
  2. Enter the room to the left of the previous one, and you'll see another Power Cell on the nightstand under the monitor. Also in this room, to the left of the computer, there is a Vectera Control Room Key.

Now you have everything you need, so move further along the location to the marker that shows the Comms Computer. With the key, you can open the door and get to the computer.

Starfield: three Power Receptacles

But first, you need to give it a power source. To the left of the door, there are three Power Receptacles, each of which you need to insert an Emergency Power Cell. Now the computer is working, and you can find out where to look for Barrett and Hillex.

That was all the information on how to fix the Comms Computer in the Back To Vectera mission. As you can see, it's straightforward to find the necessary items, as there are even more of them than you actually need.

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