Starfield: Quickly Gain XP With Aluminum and Iron Farms

Published: Sep. 14, 2023
Updated: Sep. 15, 2023

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Earning experience points (XP) quickly in Starfield is quite easy if you build two specific outposts at specific locations. Our guide explains how two "farms" can give you tons of XP.

Here's the deal: Experience points can't be earned quickly in Starfield if you don't build automated outposts. And you can earn a lot of XP from iron and aluminum outposts (or better "farms") if you set up cargo links at both trading sites. Below you'll learn all the details.

Get XP Fast With Iron and Aluminum in Starfield

To gain experience points quickly in Starfield, first look for planets that contain iron (Fe) and aluminum (Al) respectively. Here are some planets that the latter applies to, and you'll probably already know a few of them:

Where to Find Iron in Starfield:

Planet System
Andraphon Narion
Callisto Sol
Luna / Mond Sol
Oborum II-a Oborum Prime
Podius Narion
Volii Tau Volii
Zamka Alpha Centauri

Where to Find Aluminum in Starfield:

Planet System
Akila Cheyenne
Darion Narion
Merkur Sol
Prax Valo
Rell Cheyenne
Smet Cheyenne
Vectera Narion
Starfield Schnell XP verdienen mit Farmen 03

We all know the Sol system with the moon (green marking) - at least in a way. (Starfield)

Important: You must choose two planets in the same system. Once you have made your choice, it's time to build two outposts: one will be placed on planet A (Fe) and the other on planet B (Al). Maybe you already know how this works; you just have to place an outpost signal on each planet and start building.

Of course, your outposts have to extract the iron and aluminum "somehow", which you do by placing extractors. Extractors, mind you, have to be placed on ore veins. You can find out where they are with the help of the hand scanner. The scanner colors ore-bearing soils; iron, for example, is displayed in a reddish color in the scanner view (see image below).

Starfield Schnell XP verdienen mit Farmen

Der aktivierte Scanner zeigt mittels der rötlichen Bodenfärbung an, dass sich dort Eisenerz befindet. (Starfield)

By the way, if you want to do the whole outpost thing right here, we recommend you read our ultimate outpost guide.

Set up a Cargo Link in Starfield

Once your two outposts as well as the extractors are built, you need to set up a cargo link for each of them. You do this by opening the build menus of both outposts and selecting the cargo link option.

After that, you only need to specify the construction site for the respective cargo link. This will require some raw materials, namely:

  • 4x Beryllium
  • 4x Zero Wire
  • 24x Aluminum
  • 40x Iron

The values correspond to the total amount for both outposts.

Starfield Gain XP fast with farming

Pictured above: an aluminum "farm" in Starfield. (Image source: r/Starfield)

Each of the two cargo links comes with two containers, one red and one green. The red container stores items and materials that are to leave the outpost, while the green container hoards all incoming goods.

Periodically, a spaceship will land at the cargo link to pick up the goods deposited there or to store a shipment. When you interact with the console of the respective cargo link, you can choose there which outpost to trade with. The trade should be system-wide.

More about Starfield

What to do With all the Iron and Aluminum?

Since the point of this guide is to get as much XP as quickly as possible, the question is what your two outposts have to do with it. It's quite simple: Check out the facilities from time to time and use the raw materials to craft adaptive frames. Lots of them.

Because that's what gives you XP and you have the possibility to make 99 frames per run. What you do with the frames is up to you. However, you could just throw them out of your inventory on the spot and leave them on the floor.

Starfield Schnell XP verdienen mit Farmen

Und hier: Eine Eisen-„Farm“ in Starfield. (Bildquelle: r/Starfield)


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