Starfield: Maximize Piloting Skill Fast and Beat Flight Simulator

Published: Sep. 12, 2023
Updated: Sep. 12, 2023

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In Starfield, you must pass a test in the flight simulator to be accepted into the UC Vanguard. This guide explains how to quickly maximize your piloting skill and beat the flight simulator.

What this is about: How well you do in Starfield's Vanguard flight simulator is also determined by your piloting skill. However, this test is also an excellent way to level up your flight skills; even the maximum piloting skill can be reached quickly here. Well, if you use a little trick, that is. In the following you will learn the details.

Starfield: The Fastest Way to Maximize Your Piloting Skill

The UC Vanguard flight simulator is more than just a test of your skills in the "Supra et Ultra" quest. Because the  virtual space battles are also the best way to maximize your piloting skills. And, with the help of the mentioned little trick, you'll do it quite quickly.

You may already know where the flight simulator of said United Colonies organization is located. If not, go to the Mast building of the Mast District in New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri system. Talk to Commander Tuala there, he is standing behind a desk on the left as seen from the entrance. He will ask you if you want to join Vanguard, which you will do in order to access the flight simulator.

Starfield Max piloting skill and beat flight simulator 01

Here we are: In front is the pilot's seat of the UC Vanguard flight simulator. (Starfield)

To get there, take the elevator behind the reception desk and ride it to the Vanguard Orientation Hall. The test awaits you at the end of the historical exhibition, where you will get the green light from the test director Samuelson to enter the flight simulator. Later, you can also access the simulator directly by elevator.

What Starfield's Vanguard Flight Simulator Can do For You

The UC Vanguard flight simulator offers the great advantage of letting you fight space battles completely risk-free, but earning the same experience points as in the "real" space battles. These also increase naturally the longer you can withstand the attack waves.

There are a total of six attack waves with a total of 15 enemy spaceships. If you manage to pass all of them, you'll enter UC Vanguard with a much higher reputation and immediately receive some advantages. To pass the test, however, you only have to survive three attack waves. At the beginning, this isn't even that easy if you haven't dealt with spaceship battles very much.

Starfield Max piloting skill and beat flight simulator 02

Don't forget to put some serious juice on the ship's shields during the simulation, too. (Starfield)

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The Trick to Fast Leveling is in the Game Settings

Anyway, now to abus... use the Vanguard Flight Simulator to quickly maximize your piloting skill, set the game's difficulty to "very easy" in the pause menu. No, this may not be an overly honorable method, but it's a perfectly legal one.

What's more, if you get through all the attack waves about three or four times with this difficulty setting, which is estimated to take little more than 15 minutes, it will increase your piloting skill to rank C or B. That would already be enough to pilot pretty much any ship that will cross your path.

Starfield Max piloting skill and beat flight simulator 03

Besides, you have to fight with all finesse. Here we are letting the enemy get shaken by a rocket. (Starfield)


On the normal difficulty level, reaching ranks C or B would take you significantly more time, especially since the enemies, which are considerably strong from the third wave onwards, will destroy your ship a few times to boot.

Don't forget to save when exiting and re-entering the Vanguard flight simulator. At the moment, Starfield does not run stably on all hardware, so crashes might occur occasionally.


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