How to Survive DayZ Namalsk! Stay Warm in DayZ

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In DayZ you may be exposed to extreme temperatures. In this guide, I’ll show you how you can survive the tougher conditions & stay warm in DayZ!

Namalsk & Update 1.10: With the update of DayZ (1.10) there was a big change, the weather & your temperature. It’s going to be a lot harder to survive in the cold than before.

The map and mod “Namalsk” from Bohemia Interactive don’t make it easier for you. On the contrary, here it will be even harder to assert yourself against the weather.

How You Can Stay Warm & Survive The Cold in DayZ

What you should know: Since DayZ 1.10 and Namalsk, completely new factors are included in the calculation of your body temperature. So it’s no longer just moisture and outside temperature that play a role.

You even have to pay attention to the thermal insulation of your clothes and make sure that your body warms up with a delay. The terrain you are in also makes a big difference.

Open fields in the north of Chernarus let you freeze faster than the forests around Elektro or Cherno. This is due to the height of the map, because the further you march north-west, the higher you are above sea level.

It’s a similar situation on Namalsk, only harder. After all, here you are at the polar circle. The high mountain peaks of the archipelago don’t make it any better either. But now let’s take a closer look at the important factors when it comes to cold and how much influence they have!

Very Negative Negative A bit Negative A bit Positive Positive Very Positive
In Water
Moisture Level
Clothing Quality
Being Outside
Being Inside
Near a Fire
Heat Buffer


All The Factors in Detail: You’ll Need More Clothes to stay warm in DayZ

This is significant: No matter where you are going in DayZ, you have to plan your route well! Are there many open fields on the way? Do you march over the mountains to save time, or do you stay in the valley? You have to plan it out well!

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All of this can now have a massive impact on what clothes you should wear. In most cases, however, your clothes will likely dictate where you walk. So let’s discuss the effects in detail:

1. Temperature in the presence of moisture

If you’ve just stepped into a small stream or river, your shoes will immediately get maximally wet. This will have a moderate effect on your temperature in DayZ. If, on the other hand, you decide to go swimming, then you either have fresh clothes in the drybag or sign your will.

Because now all of your clothing is soaked, and you lose a lot of energy during your sea. In addition, the insulation value of your garment deteriorates with each level of moisture – more on this in point 3!


2. Being Outside

The importance of the location: You’re probably wondering why being outside should be just as bad as swimming. Well, it is not always because it depends on your location. As already mentioned, it makes a big difference whether you are in the south or north of the map. The difference in altitude is a good 450 meters between Chernogorsk and the Tisy military base.

Despite the forest, it is around twice as cold in Tisy as in the capital Cherno. That means you lose energy way faster and as a result, you have to eat more. So for a trip to the far north, you should have good clothes ready to stay warm in DayZ.

Other influences: Where you walk does also affects your temperature. If the wind blows with all your might, you should avoid walking across open fields or on hilltops. Here he hits you particularly hard. You can tell the wind strength, for example, from the treetops. If they sway a lot, stay undercover.

But you can also use the wind to your advantage! If your clothes are completely soaked and you don’t have a fire next to you, you can run through the wind to dry them faster.

The time at which you continue your journey also has an effect to your body heat. So it is of course colder at night than outside… Well, that joke probably had not the impact I intended.

But actually, you have to wrap up thicker at night than during the day, as the temperatures naturally drop here.


3. Insulating clothing

Insulation when wet: Every item of clothing has an insulation value, which you can find in the information window at the top right. A mountain backpack, for example, has 100 percent insulation and is therefore marked with “Best insulation”. However, if it gets wet, it loses part of this percentage:

Level of wetness Insulation in Percentage
Trocken (Dry) – 0 %
Feucht (Damp – 10 %
Nass (Wet) – 25 %
Getränkt (Soaked) – 50 %
Durchnässt (Drenched) – 100 %


Insulation in the event of damage: The same thing that applies when it is wet also applies to damaged clothing. Without them, you can’t stay warm in DayZ. The table looks like this:

Damage Insulation in Percentage
Pristine – 0 %
Worn – 10 %
Damaged – 20 %
Badly Damaged – 50 %
Ruined – 100 %


Be careful! All of these factors, taken by themselves, may not represent an excessive and insoluble danger. Together, however, they can quickly ensure that the virtual lights are switched off for you.

So take care, plan your routes well, watch out for water and rain, and repair your clothes!


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