Valheim Boss Guide: This is how you call and defeat Moder

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In the co-op survival game Valheim there are currently 5 bosses that you have to defeat for Odin’s blessing. But they are not that easy to find or even conquer! We’ll tell you how to call and defeat the fourth boss, Moder.

You have to know that: To get Odin’s blessing, you have to defeat his ancient arch-enemies in the form of 5 bosses in the Viking co-op survival. The fourth boss appears in the form of a dragon named Moder.

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This is the fourth boss, Moder

That’s moder: the fourth boss is in the snowy mountains. There you should dress warmly so as not to freeze to death. You can find the runestone to find the dragon “Moder” in the stone ruins that are guarded by Draugrs. The boss location itself is then on the top of a high mountain.


  • Biom: Mountain
  • Rewards:
    • Dragon Tears to unlock the making of Black Metal
    • Moder trophy
    • Moder Power, which increases your sailing speed for 5 minutes after activation

What you need for summoning: Once you have found the location for the sacrifice ritual, you have to sacrifice the correct item. You have to collect 3 dragon eggs for this. You can find the eggs in the mountain biome in dragon nests. They weigh 200 kilograms each, so you can’t carry them all at once. If you sacrifice the items, the boss appears and the fight begins.

These are Moder’s abilities: The dragon boss has various abilities that he uses against you:

  • Moder will attack with the front claws in close combat, hitting everything in front of her
  • She also uses a Frost Breath, which damages and slows down all players in front of her
  • While Moder flies, she can fire ice projectiles that crystallize on impact

How to conquer Moder: In the mountain region and especially against Moder, warm clothing is a must. The Wolf Armor, which you make from wolf skin and silver, is suitable for this. You should also have Mead for frost resistance with you. You can easily dodge their melee attacks and frost breath once you know how mold builds them up. Make sure you have enough stamina here!

At best, attack them from a distance. A bow with poison arrows works particularly well here. Especially when there is mold in the air, the damage over time is more suitable.

Once you have collected Moder’s head, you can hang it up as a trophy on the sacrificial stones and receive a useful buff that increases your sailing speed for 5 minutes after activation. If you still want to defeat the other bosses, take a look at our Valheim boss guides.


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