Valheim: Where to Find Flint & What to Use it For

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Spears, axes, tanning racks: without flint, you will have a tough life in Valheim, which is why you should take everything you can. But where can the resource be found? We deliver the answer.

You need to know: Flintstones can be used to make some decent weapons and useful tools, such as axes, spears, knives, (fire) arrows, chopping blocks, and tanning racks. You need the latter, for example, to upgrade your workbench – you can read how to do this in our workbench guide.

However, flint is not an ubiquitous resource. Here we tell you where you can find the special stones and how you can recognize them.

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Where can you find flint in Valheim?

Flints can only be found in one place, near or in bodies of water. Usually, lakes or oceans are not too far from the starting point. If you have built your base near the large sacrificial stones, you rarely have to walk further than a few hundred meters.

Because of the procedurally generated game world, no specific direction can be guessed here, but you should have grazed the radius in question relatively quickly.

What flint looks like: If you have reached a body of water, keep your eyes open for greyish-white, oval stones. Unlike wood, for example, the medium-sized flints do not automatically go into your inventory when they overflow. In any case, you have to bag the targeted stone using the interaction key (You can pick it up with “E”).

Valheim - Feuersteine gefundenStrangely enough, flints remain in their position for a moment even after they are supposed to be collected. It may be that there are sometimes two flints in the same place – but it usually takes two or three seconds for the stone that has been picked up to disappear.


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