Valheim: This is how you build a beehive to get honey

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To get honey in the Viking co-op survival Valheim, you have to build a beehive and raise your own bees. We’ll tell you how to do it.

What you have to do: Before all the bosses can grow honey themselves using localities and combat strategies, you have to build a beehive. The bees will then start producing honey for you. To build a beehive you will need:

  • Workbench nearby
  • 10x wood
  • 1x queen bee

This is how you get a queen bee: You will certainly already have a workbench and the wood is no problem either. But where does the queen bee come from? The answer is simple: from wild beehives. Search old ruins and see if there is a beehive in the houses. Most of the time you can hear the threatening hum when you get near them.


Keep your distance so as not to be attacked by the aggressive bees. Pick up a bow and shoot down the beehive. After it breaks, you’ll find a little honey and a queen bee.

Now you can build the beehive in your base and receive honey regularly.

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You need honey for this: Honey is a good, but short-lasting source of food. Rather, you need the sweet stuff to make Mead Base at the cooking station. In other words, the basic product for later making potions in the fermenter.


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