Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Is Crossplay Supported by the new Soulslike?

Published: Mar. 18, 2023
Updated: Jun. 15, 2023

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Crossplay is a wanted feature for the action role-playing game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, but does the release version support cross-platform multiplayer sessions? We have the answer.

Crossplay in ancient China? The action role-playing game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty represents the squad of Soulslikes in the year 184 BC, in China of the Han Dynasty. The developers from Team Ninja (Nioh) have given their dark fantasy epic both a single-player mode and the multiplayer variants online PvP and online co-op.

This raises the question whether the merciless adventures of the hero, a nameless militiaman, can be contested together on different systems as well. Let's see what the developers themselves have to say about it.

Crossplay in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty? Yes and No

The FAQ of the official website provides detailed answers to whether crossplay is supported or not. Regarding the question about online games on different systems, Koemi Tecmo and Team Ninja state that crossplay is basically supported, but only in the following constellations:

  • 1. PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4
  • 2. Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One and Microsoft Store (PC)
  • 3. Steam

This means that multiplayer games can only be played on consoles from the same series. PlayStation and Xbox owners will thus have to keep to themselves. It is perhaps interesting that PC players must have identical versions of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty for joint online sessions, i.e. buyers of the Steam version are not allowed to team up with buyers of the Windows Store version online.

By the way, Wo Long's multiplayer modes include:

  • 1. Recruitment: Cooperative play with up to 3 players (including yourself).
  • 2. Co-op: Up to 3 players (including yourself) can play together through a friend or set password.
  • 3. Invade: Invade another player's mission as an enemy or be invaded by an enemy. In the Options menu, allowing online players to Invade can be enabled or disabled.

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