Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How to Defeat Warlord Lu Bu

Published: Mar. 18, 2023
Updated: Jun. 15, 2023

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is nowhere near as ponderous as Elden Ring, but it makes your life comparably difficult in boss fights. A good example of this is the mounted warlord Lu Bu, but here we'll give you some tips on how to persuade the rampager to, well, at least leave.

This guy really existed: it's time to die once again, as the merciless action role-playing game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has launched on Steam as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Compared to From Software's uber-hit Elden Ring, Wo Long plays much faster, which can be quite challenging in boss fights.

One of the bosses goes by the name of Lu Bu, and maybe you've seen the warlord on a horseback before. The serious halberd wielder is known from Dynasty Warriors and Kessen, among others. Besides, Lu Bu has a real-life role model: the Chinese general of the same name from the Han Dynasty, who actually had a reputation as an excellent horseman.

We thoroughly checked out the "great" general in Wo Long in order to develop suitable strategies against the imposing boss opponent. You can read about what we found out in detail below.

Wo Long: Tips For the Boss Gight Against Lu Bu

The fact that you should not face dear Mr. Lu Bu with a character level of lower than 74 is certainly expected and probably also given on your part. After all, you already had to bring along a level of about 67 for the quest "The Way of the Warrior". With this in mind, let's give this guy a good beating.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Boss Guide How to defeat Lu Bu

When this gentleman comes riding towards you, it's about to get uncomfortable.

Tip 1: Get your back up

The name Elden Ring haunted our minds in the introduction for a reason. There, we like to fight boss battles with the help of phantoms or human players, and this is also recommended in Lu Bus' case. A good ally in this fight is Han Dang. This is because Lu Bu's counterpart uses strong fire attacks from a distance.

Tip 2: Generals hate water (well, at least this one does)

At least it seems like thats, since Boss Lu Bu has a weakness against water spells, provided they are strong enough. So if you have powerful water attacks, don't hesitate to put them in quickslots.

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Tip 3: Build up the spirit bar

Your opponent's fire and halberd attacks should usually be blocked, because this way you fill up your spirit bar. This is necessary so that you can adequately protect your ally in battle. You can cause additional spirit damage by using water spells.

Tip 4: Beware of his powerful attacks

Similar to Elden Ring's "Margit, the Cruel Mark", Lu Bu often jumps into the air to launch particularly cruel attacks. It's better not to try to dodge them at all, but to fend them off or throw them back.

Tip 5: Be support rather than attacker

Yes, really: In order to be able to decide this skirmish stress-free for you, the role of the supporter is best. In general, keep your distance from the horse general and let your allies do most of the work. This is another reason why tip 3 is of great importance.

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