Rust Update In November Brings Desert Base And MLRS Artillery: How Strong is it really?

Published: Nov. 05, 2021
Updated: Nov. 05, 2021

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Today, November 4th, 2021, the new monthly Rust update was released. That brings the long-awaited Desert Base, a damn cool new way to blast enemies out of the base, and some major changes. We'll tell you now what exactly to expect.

The update at a glance: The latest Rust november update is currently already installed on the live servers and should be playable. Developer Facepunch Studios has introduced the following content:

  • New MLRS artillery
  • Desert base and enemies
  • Changes to the mixing table
  • Bug fixes and QoL changes
  • Twitch Drops news

This is the Content in the Rust November Update

This is what the desert base offers: Located in the - how could it be otherwise - the desert region of Rust Island, you can get good loot right here shortly after your spawn. The desert base is not irradiated.

However, you should be careful because the desert base is defended by 10 scientists, all of whom are heavily armed. That is also necessary because most of the visitors to this new location are probably looking for the MLRS, a truck that can fire missiles over the entire map.

In terms of loot you should not expect to much. However, there is quite a variety of crates and boxes. All you can find is:

  • Barrels
  • Regular boxes
  • Military boxes
  • Component boxes
  • Food boxes

This is one of the desert base layouts in rust.

What the MLRS is capable of

We're starting with a bang - ha, bang, because of missiles. The Rust november update brought a static artillery position into play. It is called MLRS and is located exclusively in the middle of the equally new desert base.

This part can attack almost any region on a map. The only exceptions are safe zones such as the bandit village or some traders.

How do you use the MLRS?

  1. Find missiles for the MLRS
  2. Find a target module (aiming module)
  3. Kill the scientists in the area and equip the MRLS
  4. Use the target computer to mark the locations that you want to shoot at.
  5. Now you can fire a maximum of 12 missiles at the same time.

Once you have shot down all the rockets, the truck and the MLRS will catch fire and cannot be used for the next 10 minutes. But remember: Not only do you use a missile after each launch, but also a target module.


This is the computer within the mlrs.

The MLRS does so much damage: In an impressive video from YouTuber "TheMeemishGamer" you can see that around 8 rockets are enough to completely destroy a small 2x2 base. If we break that down, you need around 2 rockets to destroy a stone wall.

This is how you defend yourself from the MLRS: To destroy all 12 missiles that can hit your base at the maximum, you need Sam Sites. To be precise, you need 3 Sam Sites to intercept an entire volley.

More about Rust

Other changes in the Rust November Update

  • You can now use voice chat while painting neon signs.
  • Berries now have different names to make crafting easier in the mixing table.
  • Halloween's content has been removed (Frankenstein, mummies, candy)
  • From November 20th to 27th, there will be new Twitch drops (more on that soon)
  • On a vending machine, you can sort markets after whatever ressources you are looking for.
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