British TV Station BBC Reports on Resistance in Tarkov

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The British news channel BBC reported in a news program about the current situation in Ukraine. They list cities that are still bravely resisting the Russian invaders. Among others, they mention a city from the survival shooter Escape From Tarkov.

What happened? Once again, the survival shooter Escape From Tarkov is involved in the Ukraine conflict. Just recently, fans fought hot debates on Twitter due to a bundle. The reason was the name of the bundle, which did not suit many because of the invasion of Ukraine.

Now, in a broadcast about the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, some specific cities were brought into focus. To this day, cities like Mariupol and Kharkov are resisting, according to the BBC. Nah, wait a minute: according to the BBC, the latter city isn’t called Kharkov at all…

Kharkov becomes Tarkov: BBC reports on a fictional city

What was there to see? Really, there is not much to see in this story. All that was shown was a red banner at the bottom of the picture — Also called a belly band. The following was written here:

“Russian invasion of Ukraine: Kyiv resists, Tarkov resists, Mariupol resists”


That this statement was not made in this way by the Spanish politician Borell should be directly clear to many of us. Someone at the BBC must have confused the city name Kharkov with Tarkov. Is there perhaps a fan of the shooter sitting in the editorial office?


More About Escape From Tarkov

We should take note of that: There is nothing to read online about the incident. Also no correction of the BBC, about the faux pas with Escape From Tarkov. Only some screenshots photographed from the TV screen are shared. So there is a chance that this could also be a joke, but then it would be a damn good one.

People from the Kharkov region are surprisingly amused by the incident on the web. Something funny, writes one user, in a hard time for all of us.


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