Ukraine Conflict Splits Tarkov Community – Because of a Discount for Russian

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The Escape From Tarkov community is currently splitting due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, the trigger here is not the mere attitude of the fans towards the East or West, but the name of an economy package that is currently available for purchase for Tarkov.

What’s going on? On Twitter, fans of the survival shooter Escape From Tarkov are tearing each other’s heads off right now. Discussions and insults are flying around the web like projectiles, and the reason is a holiday savings pack whose name is “inappropriate” for some, to say the least. But why?

  • Developer BSG is offering a 20% discount to celebrate the “Defender of the Fatherland” holiday.
  • Fans are splitting into two camps right now because of this, as some associate the day with the current events in Eastern Ukraine.
  • One side is strongly pro-Russian or tries to defend Russia’s actions, while the other side just fires off anti-Russian comments.

Real-world conflict splits the Tarkov community – What’s the reason?

This is the trigger: an austerity package is causing fans to be at each other’s throats, isn’t it? It’s not that simple, because it’s much more due to the situation in Ukraine that is escalating right now. Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine in the night from February 23 to 24.

The Russian developer, Battelstate Games, launched a sale for the Russian-based survival shooter Escape From Tarkov on the same day. The discount was available on all versions of the shooter and in celebration of a national holiday, Defenders of the Fatherland Day. In Russia, this day is celebrated every year on February 23.

Some Twitter users point out the connection of the name and the current events in Ukraine. Defender of the Motherland, on a day when the homeland is attacking another. This has a leaden taste for many.

Other users respond harshly to these comments, in some cases siding with the aggressor, Russia. Still others point out that there is simply an unfortunate connection here.

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How should the developer react? Not at all, developer Battlestate Games should not do anything now to eradicate this stupid coincidence. The holiday takes place on February 23, so this sale was probably planned for quite some time. Moreover, even the team behind Tarkov couldn’t know what plans the Kremlin is secretly pursuing.

Hostility towards the developers, because of their origin, does not contribute to a solution. However, it will be exciting to see whether the Tarkov developer will comment on the events or keep his feet still.



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