100 YouTubers Start DayZ Namalsk CreatorZ Server! You Can Take Part

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First it was GTA Online, then Rust, and now it’s DayZ. More than 100 different YouTubers and streamers are jointly starting the DayZ Namalsk “CreatorZ” server today. You can participate in it.

What’s this? Over 100 content creators started their own DayZ Namalsk server last night. The whole project shows astonishing similarity to the streamer projects around the survival game Rust. But things are different here!

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What is DayZ Namalsk “CreatorZ” & why is it exciting?

What is CreatorZ? The project is a dream-come-true for many YouTubers, streamers, and committed modders. Together they want to create a large space for creative people. But not only that, communities and streamers come together whose paths would otherwise never have met. For fans of these content creators, it’s like a big cross-over.

Unlike the Rust project of various US and German streamers, the whole thing is not subject to any special rules. To put it in the words of Gary Newman, “They know how to play DayZ“. (Original: “They have no idea how to play Rust“). There are also tons of never-before-seen mods and content.

This is special about DayZ Namalsk CreatorZ

  • 110+ YouTubers and streamers are involved
  • new experimental mods have been added
  • All mods are continuously changed and updated.
  • 30 days online, then it’s over


Who is behind it? The CreatorZ project was started by one of the leading developers of the incredibly cool DayZ Editor Mod. Together with many other talented modders and scripters, the server was then launched. It started last night and was probably a complete success.

Your move: You too can take part in the project. To do this, the ladder has to be there. Just contact “dab.” via direct message and convince him of your content. However, we suspect that you will be automatically filtered out if your popularity is too low. Still, it’s worth a try, so shoot your shot!


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