DayZ: Extraction-Mod brings Tarkov-Gameplay mit Scavs

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With the DayZ Extraction mod, the DayZ community shows that they are always coming up with new cool ideas. Extraction is like Escape From Tarkov in DayZ and even has NPC soldiers!

What is this about? A few months ago, a new DayZ mod surfaced that tried to mimic the experience of the survival shooter Escape From Tarkov. Due to some missing scripts and most importantly the non-existent AI soldiers or scavs, the servers closed down again after a few weeks. However, now DayZ Extraction returns and has everything in 6Sh118 to become successful. 6Sh118 is a backpack, for those not familiar with Tarkov.

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DayZ Extraction at a glance: How and what can you play here?

What is Extraction? The mod package, which consists on many smaller mods and some custom scripts, is basically Tarkov. DayZ Extraction runs on its very own map, or rather on many. Because just like in Tarkov, the individual locations are strictly separated from each other. Here you will find many new weapons, clothes or attachments that are not available in DayZ.

You start in a safe zone without any special equipment. You can then leave this zone with the help of key cards, which grant you access to the various maps at the exit. As you progress through the game, you’ll also find key cards for areas with better loot. There are also merchants in the safe zone, a bank and a stash where you store your unused equipment.

But server creator has also tweaked the gameplay. Thus, the weapons behave a bit more like in Escape From Tarkov. They are more cumbersome and the recoil is a bit higher than usual.

Are there any differences from Tarkov? Yes, of course there are: Since DayZ Extraction is only a mod for DayZ, some things go to waste. Among other things, the healing system from Tarkov does not exist. You don’t heal each body part individually with dozens of first aiders, but as you are used to from DayZ

  • Bandage in the hand
  • Stop bleeding with left click – Done
  • Or, take out the splint and put it on the leg
  • You don’t need any medicine.

How can you play Extraction? To play DayZ Extraction, you require the whole mod package and the server. You can find the server very easily — if you are a PC player. Download the DZSA launcher from the web and type “Extraction” in the search box of the filter. For console players, unfortunately, there is no possibility to play Extraction at the moment.

More about DayZ

DayZ Extraction has long missing feature “NPC Soldiers”.

What does the AI? An AI soldier, bot, or NPC in the case of DayZ is an enemy that shoots weapons at you, but there is no real player behind it. For a long time, fans tinkered with a modification to DayZ that would allow AI soldiers to be included as enemies. After all, the siblings all had bots too. Arma 2: DayZ, Arma 3: Wasteland & Exile, and of course Epoch. What would these mods be without missions guarded by bots?

Now resourceful modders have managed to insert trigger-happy NPCs into DayZ. Admittedly, the wind is still blowing through their heads. Often the bots need a few seconds until they have registered you as an enemy, then they often glitch around. You can’t call the bots in DayZ a really great feature at the moment — but a start!

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