DayZ Mod Brings Devastating Earthquakes That Destroy Entire Cities

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The DayZ modding community must be crazy: First they bring dinosaurs into the game, now they let earthquakes destroy all of Chernarus. What exactly is behind the modification and what else it brings, we now reveal to you.

What is modding in DayZ? Modding in DayZ usually means that the community creates content for the survival game that does not exist in the base game. Also, existing features can be improved. For example, a player community has improved base building or added the long-awaited helicopters and planes. Rarely, modders also destroy the game. But in a good way, with shatteringly cool earthquakes — get it?

DayZ Mod “Building Destruction v2” destroys whole cities

What can the mod do? The Building Destruction v2 mod does exactly what its name suggests: it destroys buildings and does so in a very impressive way. First, the image starts to turn green. Then the earth shakes and the image wobbles. Last but not least, houses collapse around you.

Skyscrapers tip to the side and collapse. However, DayZ’s engine is still limited. You won’t experience destruction like in a Battlefield. Houses slide into the ground with a lot of smoke and noise and disappear. Once the dust settles, however, you’re left with a large pile of rubble and the occasional wall remnant. But see for yourself, the mod’s introduction video shows an earthquake in a high-rise housing estate in the largest city of Chernogorsk:

Who can play the mod? As usual, community modifications are reserved for PC players. The reason for this is not only the weaker console hardware, Sony and Microsoft also stand in the way of modding. They don’t want to risk overloading the consoles and not be held responsible for crashes.

However, if you play on PC, you will soon be able to download and install the earthquake mod “Building Destruction v2” from the Steam Workshop. Currently, the mod is still in the concept phase.

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