Hunt Showdown Turns 4 Years Old: Now is the Right Moment to Strike

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Today, Hunt Showdown is turning four years old, and developer Crytek is celebrating with an anniversary bundle that is unbeatable in price. We’ll tell you why you have to buy it.

What is Hunt Showdown anyway? For all those who happened to come across this article and have no idea what Hunt Showdown actually is, here’s a brief explanation: In Hunt Showdown, up to 12 players compete against each other in teams of two or three. The goal is to track down and kill one or sometimes two monsters.

This is not easy due to the PvPve. Zombies, mutants, and nasty poison witches with bees pouring out of them don’t make it easy for you as a player to survive in the bayou. The bayou is the setting of the game, based on the rural regions around New Orleans and the north of the US state of Louisiana. Swamps, fields and many tin and wooden buildings dominate the land, where you should be careful of other players.

Whoever successfully completes a game — that is, survives — gets a reward. The players who finished the monster and were able to extract the monster’s bounty get the biggest reward. For all horror shooter fans with a penchant for competitive play, this is a must-have. Especially now that there is the best offer for Hunt Showdown right now.

Developer’s release anniversary bundle for Hunt Showdown’s fourth birthday.

What does the bundle offer? To celebrate the anniversary, developer Crytek released a damn good deal on the Steam store. Here, you can currently get Hunt Showdown for 24.89 Euros. But not only that — wow, it’s like teleshopping here — on top of that, you currently get four DLCs for free, which together with the game have a value of 71.00 Euros. Included in the bundle are:

  • Hunt Showdown: Base Game
  • Louisiana Legacy: Gets you two weapon skins.
  • The Wolf at the Door: 4 weapon skins, all based on wolves.
  • The Kid: 2 weapon skins and the Legendary Hunter “The Kid”, based on the gunslinger Billy The Kid (player skin).
  • The Prodigal Daughter: 2 weapon skins and Legendary Hunter “Prodigal Daughter”. Wears a mask and a black robe.

Right now, the offer is currently valid exclusively on PC via Steam. PlayStation and Xbox, meanwhile, are staring holes in their wallets for the time being. On the consoles, the full price of 39.99 Euros still applies.

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