DayZ Clip Shows: Canned Beans Quickly Become Dangerous Weapon!

Published: Mar. 24, 2021
Updated: Mar. 24, 2021

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What is actually the most powerful weapon in DayZ? Players keep asking this question. The melee tip rides a very special weapon!

Which part? Have you ever wondered what the best weapon to prove yourself in DayZ hand-to-hand combat? A video clip from Reddit now shows that this is something that you are sure to find in minutes. The execution is more important here.

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A can of beans will get you to the top in DayZ

This is shown by the video: The Reddit clip shows the user TotallyTerror entering a barn on the Namalsk map. Knowing this is important because in these barns you can walk on planks between the roof and the floor.

Here he discovers a player who in turn hears his footsteps as well and pulls out a shotgun. The trick is that due to the first-person limitation, he cannot find out where these come from. Immediately and thus frantically trying to discover TotallyTerror. However, he grabs a can of beans, jumps down on his opponent and kills him with the canned food.

Baked beans strikes from above from r/dayz

Why are cans so effective? We cannot say exactly how much base damage a can of beans actually causes in DayZ. But One reason why a can is so effective is likely to be the speed of the stroke and the low loss of stamina.

If you hit repeatedly with "Shift + Left-Click", you will stagger your opponent. This renders him unable to shoot or strike back at you. This often works with other objects as well, but cans prove to be particularly effective.

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