Deadside Update 0.3.1 - Hotfix Improves Base Building & More

Published: Aug. 03, 2022
Updated: Aug. 03, 2022

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The survival hopeful Deadside will get a new update on July 29th that improves base building, adjusts the level design and fixes various bugs.

The update at a glance: The current update for Deadside is a smaller hotfix that is supposed to improve the game balance. The focus of the patch is on the changes to base building. The actual construction is simplified. Additionally, you can expect adjustments to the level design and much more:

  • New camouflageable items
  • Changes to the safety zones
  • Adjustment of the amount of required building material.
  • New clothing skins
  • Bugfixes

What's in Deadside Update 0.3.1 - All patch notes

When will the patch be released? The latest update for Deadside has already been released on July 29th and can be downloaded. Optimally, this should happen all by itself via Steam.

New features in base building

When it comes to base building, the development team wanted to simplify the process significantly. That's why you now need far less wood to build foundations, walls, doors, etc. In addition, you can now also place tools in your quick selection bar or hotbar to be able to access hammers or drills more quickly. The "ESC" key in the build menu now takes you back to the previous tab of the menu and no longer closes it directly.

These bugs have been fixed in relation to base building:

  • You can no longer place your base flag on top of a power pole.
  • Your character should now be able to climb off the tower ladder at any time.
  • Large gate walls can no longer be stacked infinitely.
  • You can now place stairs without problems.
  • Your base can no longer be placed underwater.
More about Deadside

Other bug fixes and adjustments in Deadside Update 0.3.1

  • Fixed exploit where it was possible to shoot through base structure elements;
  • Fixed locking the shooting and hotbar when performing an emote while switching between weapons;
  • Fixed bug where the applied clothing skin is not displayed on the character in the main menu;
  • Fixed incorrect rounding of item counter;
  • Campfire sound is no longer interrupted after teleportation;
  • Level design changes:
  • Various graphic errors of the railroad;
  • Visual artifacts of landscapes and roads;
  • Grass under water;
  • grass in a building in Maklok;
  • several floating objects along the riverbank;
  • changed places in the bunker and Chorny Log where the player could get stuck;
  • wrong fence collision in Krivec;
  • wrong collision of the handcart.
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