Dying Light 2: Help Juan or Matt? This Happens in Both Cases

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In Dying Light 2 you’ll have to choose between characters and factions several times, among other things you can side with the over-open Juan or Matt (Peacekeeper) in the middle of the game. Now you’ll find out what the consequences of your decision are.

Who are Matt and Juan in Dying Light 2?

  • Juan lives with the Peacekeepers, but he’s quite the loner. He is extremely extroverted and has an outspoken personality. He doesn’t trust the Peacekeepers and wants to spy on Commander Jack Matt.
  • Matt is the commander of the Peacekeepers and stands for order and security with all his heart and soul. He is reserved and thoughtful. Unlike Juan, Matt plays with his cards on the table.

Dying Light 2: Choose Matt or Juan? These are the consequences

Here’s what you should know:┬áBefore you choose either side, you should know that your decision is final. If you choose Juan’s side, you will stay with him. Although you can sign over the next buildings to the Peacekeepers, you will no longer be on Jack Matt’s side.

Moreover, this decision is very important. It literally tells you who your allies will be until the end of the game. Jack Matt with his Peacekeepers or Juan with his conspiracy? Your choice:

You choose Jack Matt

If you reject Juan’s offer, you must report to Jack Matt that Juan is plotting. You decide strictly against a betrayal. Report the betrayal to Jack Matt and then continue with the main story.

You choose Juan

If you decide for Juan, you will stab Jack Matt in the back. After that, you will be sent on a unique mission, which you will receive from Juan. Here you have to find a bug that will help you spy on the commander of the Peacekeepers. This bug will also be useful in a later mission. Apart from that, Dying Light 2 continues to tell its story straightforwardly.

More about Dying Light 2

It always stays the same: no matter who you choose, your ultimate goal remains the same: You have to find your sister Mia. Neither option significantly changes the ending regarding your sister. Basically, it’s just a matter of deciding your allies.

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