Everything we Know About the New Tarkov-Trader “Lightkeeper” on Lighthouse

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The developers of Escape From Tarkov have once again shared a secret message with the community. It contains information about the upcoming in-raid trader on the Lighthouse map. Guided.news now shows you everything you need to know about the new trader!

What’s going on? The latest Tarkov update was released only a week ago, but already there seems to be new information about the next patch. A few hours ago, developer Battlestate Games shared a fictitious letter. The author of the letter could be a well-known figure from the Tarkov lore, which the community considers dead so far. The letter is about a merchant who hides in the lighthouse and sells only the best of the best. But what does that mean exactly?

Tarkov gets in-raid trader on Lighthouse – This is what he sells

This is what the letter reveals: In the letter to the unknown recipient, it is written that the author was captured by RoguesOn the map Factory. However, he managed to escape and is now hiding in the lighthouse on the map of the same name, Lighthouse. However, the author of the letter cannot see a merchant. But he knows him!

The letter, that was shared by the developers.

What the Lighthouse Trader could offer: So far, we officially know that the developers are working on a trader that you can only visit inside raids. This is in contrast to the other traders that you can only trade with outside a raid in the main menu.

Thanks to the new teaser, we now also know what the new Lighthouse trader sells. He seems to specialize in electronics. According to the author of the letter, it is high-tech equipment. Among other things, the trader could sell items that can otherwise only be found in the raid.

Upcoming content for Escape From Tarkov will probably also end up on the table of the Lighthouse trader. Currently, various new technical devices are in the works:

  • Walkie-talkie
  • Improved thermal vision devices
  • Spherical camera drone and control tablet
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When will the new Trader be released?¬†There is currently no exact release date for the next Tarkov update. It is also not entirely certain whether the new Lighthouse Trader will even come with the next update. Nevertheless, developers and fans are confident about an imminent release. The latest update is from mid-April 2022 and brought a revolver for the first time — the Chiappa Rhino.

However, we already know that the next major content patch for Escape From Tarkov should bring the three new bosses Knight, Birdeye and Big Pipe. You can learn more about these three rogue bosses in our separate article: Tarkov Gets 3 New Rogue Bosses: Big Pipe, Birdeye & Knight


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