Escape From Tarkov: Recoil Changes & Update in Summer

Published: Apr. 24, 2023
Updated: Apr. 24, 2023

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The developers of Escape From Tarkov keep changing their shooter to satisfy the player base. Therefore, they are tackling the recoil in Tarkov as the next big construction site and are planning various updates before the end of 2023.

What's it about? In the current Tarkov developer podcast, head developer Nikita Buyanov talks about the current state of Recoil in Tarkov and which adjustments are planned for future updates. Among other things, various small and large patches are still scheduled for 2023.

Tarkov Recoil has been adjusted and major Recoil Update to follow

In the current edition of the Tarkov Podcast, a user asks Buyanov if developer Battlestate Games has any changes planned for recoil. Buyanov replies that he actually likes Recoil exactly as it is right now, but that the studio would focus on outside opinions. Accordingly, change of recoil and weapon handling should actually follow.

On April 16, the developers actually adjusted the recoil of some weapons. The vertical recoil of all weapons was reduced by 50%. However, changing this smaller adjusting screw is only the first step, he said. Buyanov explains:

"Williwillwebewillbebewilli"" -- Promis, we will do this joke every time now, just because it makes me smile. In case, you don't understand, click here (via So here is the real quote from Nikita regarding recoil in the upcoming months!

We will have this (recoil) redesigned and you will see by yourself. I don't know when exactly when the new recoil system will be, but I guess summer, maybe a little later.

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What the community wants from the Recoil update

On Twitter and YouTube, hundreds of fans are commenting on the upcoming changes with the recoil update and sharing their wishes. Many would like to see the weapon's initiative kick disappear completely on the first shot. Tarkov players know: The first shot is for the ton, much too high, the recoil here, which weakens with the next bullets.

Others would like to see the artificial difference between auto and semi fire removed. They say it is unrealistic for a gun to have different strong recoil depending on the fire mode. User ShaneD writes:

It is absolutely absurd that if you try to tap fire a gun on full auto it would go wild but if you do the same thing on semi auto the gun doesn't miss.

Most users can agree, however, that auto-compensation needs to fly out of the game entirely. This feature alone, according to some commenters, makes for poor handling in recoil:

If they remove the auto compensation, it would make the first shot recoil and burst behave normally. Currently it is way too high because the auto compensation only starts to have an effect after 3-4 shots

veresk mp in tarkov

But what is your opinion on the current situation regarding the recoil in Escape From Tarkov? Leave us your opinion and wishes in the comments or on social media (via!

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