Escape From Tarkov Wipe Dates & Why Those Are Something Good

Published: Jun. 17, 2021
Updated: Jun. 17, 2021

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When does the next wipe for Escape From Tarkov come? This is what players ask themselves always and everywhere because a wipe usually means something good. We tell you when you can expect the next one!

Wipes without guarantee: It seems to be randomly chosen when developer Battlestate Games Tarkov wipes and when not. In fact, it highly depends on the current situation, the content introduced, or simply the date of the last wipe. We will now explain to you what a wipe is, when it comes and why deleting all progress is good!

Statistics show: Then comes the next wipe in Escape From Tarkov

When is the next wipe coming? Developer BSG has already announced another wipe. This should take place with the update 0.13, which then also brings the map Streets of Tarkov. However, there is no exact date for the update or the wipe.

The average time between one Tarkov wipe and the next is around 6 to 10 months. At least that's what the history of the wipe cycle shows. Since the last one was carried out in December 2020, the next Tarkov wipe would have to be implemented in one to three months. However, there are several options for how and when this happens:

  1. The next Tarkov Wipe comes with Update 0.13, and that will be released in three months.
  2. The servers are not subjected to a wipe with Update 0.13, but with 12.12 (assumed number)
  3. Or the next wipe for Escape From Tarkov actually comes with Update 0.13, but is then delayed by a few months.


What are wipes & why are they any good?

What is a wipe? The developers of Escape From Tarkov use wipes to keep the players on the same level. With each wipe, all players have to start over. You lose all progress that you have made up to that point. Weapons, skills, trader levels, and mission progress are all set to zero. This often happens in connection with a major update that is added to the game every few months.

Imagine having just bought Escape From Tarkov. If you then start in the middle of the wipe or towards the end of a cycle, you hardly have a chance against other players. They are then unreachable far ahead, whether, with weapons or money. They just have the better equipment that is difficult to counter with the clumsy starter equipment.

In addition, a wipe in Escape From Tarkov is intended to force players to try out new equipment that they only need at the start of the wipe cycle. A newly added level 2 armor is worthless to a player who already owns everything. A wipe, however, forces him to start over, and bang, this piece of armor is a valuable commodity.

Wipes even after release? Unlike Rust, for example, Escape From Tarkov will not always follow this cycle. Wipes are currently the only solution to introduce major updates and new content and keep players on the same page. After the full release of Tarkov, there should be other measures that the developers have not yet discussed in detail.

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That's why wipes are a good thing in Tarkov!

Oh, listen: We have already mentioned some positive aspects that speak in favor of a wipe. Above all, however, this means the return of a huge chunk of the community. Some users have either been left behind over the course of the cycle or are the ones who are leaving others behind.

Many Tarkov players manage to achieve everything that can be imagined within a few weeks. Complete all merchant stories, get the best weapons, and all keys that exist.


With the return of the players to Tarkov, of course, the enthusiasm for competition among strangers and friends increases.

Friends are a big keyword, because from experience I can say that there are some core players who can only lure their friends back into the game with novelties.

What do you think about that? What do you think of the current wipe system behind Escape From Tarkov and do you agree with us or do you have a different opinion?

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Fabio Pizzini

Tarkov can live only with WIPES, and the purpose of the players is play for some months and then reset ... how fun!!!
Really people have serious problems to play a game like this ...

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