Hogwarts Legacy: Dataminers Find Two DLCs in the Game Files

Published: Feb. 13, 2023
Updated: Feb. 24, 2023

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Fans of Hogwarts Legacy can already look forward to more DLC. Not only are the possibilities almost endless, but dataminers have now found two mentions of upcoming DLC in the game files.

What happened? Resourceful dataminers have scoured the game files of Hogwarts Legacy and have come across some very interesting news. Among other things, they found two entries for DLCs, which are also named accordingly. We'll now tell you what's behind them and what you can expect now.

Two DLCs for Hogwarts Legacy? This could or could not be cool

What was found? According to YouTuber SuperRebel, a PC gamer has been digging through the game files of Hogwarts Legacy and found two interesting entries labeled DLC. More precisely, the description of the data reads.

DLC unused

SIZE: no size

If the abbreviation really refers to downloadable content, it hasn't been unlocked yet. Speculations are surely exploding in everyone's heads now: Is this the expected DLC for the previously locked Quidditch? Or is the possible DLC set after the actions of the main story? Is it just some outfits or a whole story addon? Questions will probably remain unanswered for now.

The problem with the designation is that in the run-up to the release of Hogwarts Legacy, the Thestrals and the Dark Magic clothing set were also designated as DLCs. Back in fall of 2022, players found a list (via reddit.com) of content labeled as DLC that turned out to be pre-order bonuses in the end.


The Thestral has been one of the pre-order bonuses and might have been marked as DLC.

Thus, the entries discovered now could just be the already existing "DLCs" of the Thestral mount. Of course, the first option seems not only more exciting, but also desirable. However, until we get some initial information from the developers about a DLC, the DLC question remains unresolved. As soon as there is more information about DLCs for Hogwarts Legacy, we will of course update this article. You won't miss this by bookmarking this article or following us on social media!

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