Lost Ark: "The Art of War" Update - New Class, Battlefield, Grand Prix

Published: Mar. 15, 2023
Updated: Mar. 15, 2023

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On 15 March, the new update “The Art of War” of the ARPG Lost Ark was released. Besides a new class, the artist, there is also a 96-player PvP arena, a new BattlePass, and new skins and mounts. We have all the patch notes!

Here's what's going on: The latest Lost Ark update brings a new class into the game, the Artist. You can also look forward to a new BattlePass, which offers you some items again. New skins and mounts are also available in the shop, and you can also get another Punika PowerPass. Other highlights include the return of the Arkesia Grand Prix event and a new PvP mode for 96 players.

These are the Highlights of the Lost Ark “The Art of Warfare” Update.

On the official Website, you can find the complete patch notes of the spring update, which include many bug fixes and class changes. But we'll continue here with the highlights of the “The Art of War” update.

The Artist Class

With the update, there is a new advanced class of the Specialist. This is the Artist who fights with illusions and her paintbrush. With the artist, you are able to attack your opponents directly or summon beasts. The rather weak attacks with the brush and the magic ink look particularly impressive, as you can see in the trailer:


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The artist is particularly well suited as a supporter in any group, as she does not cause much damage. We have already created a detailed class guide for the artist, which tells you which skills and engravings are particularly suitable.

Tulubik Battlefield for 96 Players

Another highlight is a new battlefield. The Tulubik Battleground is designed for 96 players fighting in two 48-player teams. The huge battles take place over several realms. You choose a faction at the beginning and can complete missions within the battlefield to get more rewards.

Good to know: You must have faction rank 3 and item level 1490 to enter the Tulubik battlefield.

The Arkesia Grand Prix Returns

The Arkesia Grand Prix is the return of an event that already found many fans last year in March. Here you can compete in a team of 7 players against another team in a funny race. Transformed into a small dinosaur, you not only have to avoid obstacles but also reach the finish line as quickly as possible. You can also prevent other players from progressing by attacking and winning event coins at the end, which you can exchange for great rewards at a certain event merchant.

New Skins and Mounts in the Shop and Season Pass

With the spring update, a new Season Pass will also be coming into the game, which promises you more rewards when you level it up. But the in-game shop also gets new skins for your character and more mounts:

More about Lost Ark

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