Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas: This is the Archnemesis Challenge League

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Developer Grinding Gear Games presented the expansion Siege of the Atlas to the ARPG Path of Exile in a devstream on January 27th. A new league will also start with the upcoming expansion, the Archnemesis Challenge League. We’ll tell you what’s behind it.

Here’s what’s going on: Path of Exile is getting a new major expansion after a slight delay. “Siege of Atlas” adds some exciting content to the popular ARPG. PC players will receive the update on February 4th, 2022, console players will wait until February 9th. Both releases are at 11:00 a.m PST.

Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas content at a glance

  • Two eldritch terrors: The Searing Exarch and the Eater of Worlds represents the most powerful beings Wraeclast has ever seen. The path to their annihilation will take you through numerous affected maps and a battle against their minions, the Black Star and the Infinite Hunger, from which you can loot valuable rewards.
  • Revamped Atlas Mechanics: More in-depth systems that are easier to understand. Regions have been removed, so your Atlas skills influence every map you play.
  • Atlas Skill Tree: A single, gigantic Atlas-wide skill tree where you can specialize in over 600 skills.
  • Eldritch implicit modifiers: The Searing Exarch and Eater of Worlds each have a powerful selection of eldritch implicit modifiers that you can apply to items using Eldritch Ember and Eldritch Ichor.
  • Powerful New Unique Items: New unique items can be looted from each of the four new endgame bosses in the Atlas. These new items are some of the most powerful unique items in Path of Exile to date.
  • Archnemesis Challenge League: In the Archnemesis League, you create your own boss battles against rare monsters by applying new monster modifiers to petrified monsters.

This is Archnemesis challenge league in PoE

This is the new league: The Archnemesis Challenge League in Siege of the Atlas lets you create your own bosses. At least using modifiers you can find. You can use these to make the boss opponents stronger on the one hand, and on the other hand, you will receive additional rewards for killing the bosses with each mod.

How the league works: In each area, you can collect modifiers from defeated rare opponents. These are stored in an extra inventory so as not to overfill your pockets.

You then use these modifiers to find the bosses that are randomly distributed and petrified in the areas. You can free up to 4 bosses per area with the modifiers and then fight them. Each subsequent boss fight becomes more and more difficult:

  • Boss 1: 1 active modifier – Reward number 1.
  • Boss 2: 2 active modifiers – Reward number 1 & 2.
  • Boss 3: 3 active modifiers – Reward number 1, 2 & 3.
  • Boss 4: 4 Active Modifiers – Reward number 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Each subsequent Petrified Boss monster that you buff in an area with a modifier has all previously applied modifiers. Also, the reward always stays the same, which corresponds to the mod. So if you need a reward more often, you should use the corresponding mod directly with the 1st boss.


These are the modifiers and the rewards: In the areas, you can discover over 60 new boss modifiers, of which you can combine over 35 using specific recipes. This creates stronger mods, making the boss fights even more challenging but also more rewarding.

  • Toxic Mods: Grants a general reward and Gems.
  • Echoist Mods: Grants a general reward and Essences.
  • Berserker Mods: Uniques.
  • Mirror Image Mods: Rewards are rolled 3x and the rarest item is looted.
  • Flame Walker Mods: Grants three weapon rewards.
  • Innocence-Touched Mods: Converts all rewards to currency x3.

For example, you can combine the mods in such a way that 60 currency rewards are created, of which you keep the 20 rarest and leave the battle with additional rewards. By the way, the mods cannot be traded with other players.

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