New Rust Update on Test Branch: Brings Trains, Wagons & Rail Network

Published: Apr. 29, 2022
Updated: Apr. 29, 2022

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Today, April 29, developer Facepunch released a new update for Rust on the Testing Branch. Train enthusiasts can try out the new above-ground trains that now roll across the maps for the first time.

The update at a glance: There is not much new in the current Rust update for the test servers. The one big innovation is all the more fun. For the first time in Rust history, you can now drive trains on the randomly generated servers. They come with various wagons and train types.

Rust update brings trains and wagons - Here they are

The new track system: before we get to the actual trains, we should talk about the map changes. Once the update is available to all players and hits the live servers, you'll encounter rails everywhere. The train update is intended to create a map-spanning rail network. In the future, this will connect all the monuments (OG Rust players say Radtowns!).

The tracks also run over hills, through valleys, meadows and deserts: Facepunch's developers have done an incredible job here. Indeed, it should be noted that these tracks are distributed on the map according to the well-known random principle. Despite this hurdle, there are even switches that allow running several trains at once and let you take a new route.

This is how Trains work in Rust

Ths is the Train: Above ground, the workcarts also serve as the driving force. You already know these track vehicles from the underground rail systems. In the upper world, the trains are currently spawning in heaps near the store. The wagons are the real highlight here: there are 4 different ones, all offering different amounts of protection or a different purpose.

These wagons are available in Rust

  • Freight wagon without walls and without roof
  • Freight wagon without roof with walls
  • Freight wagon with roof and walls
  • Tank wagon

All Rust Train Wagons

If you slowly approach a wagon with your train, the trailer automatically couples to your train. You can also repeat this with wagons that are already attached. On the Rust Test Branch, there is currently no limit to how many wagons you can hook up.

However, you should not overdo it, at some point your train will not come crawling up the hills. Once you've reached that point, you can always disconnect some of the cars manually. To do this, simply go to Coupling and press the action button.

When are the trains coming on Live? There is no fixed release date for the Rust stable servers for the train update. According to experience, it can take up to four weeks. But the waiting time for the upcoming content patch should be manageable thanks to the latest update.

More about Rust

What other new news is there?

  • Fix for the keycard on the dump, it is often not respawned.
  • The weather should get better: 90% of the days should have clear weather, only 10% bad weather.
  • Work on the Hapis Island map continues.
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