The Forest: Find Aloe vera - How to get the Rare Herb

Published: Jul. 15, 2022
Updated: Dec. 08, 2023

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If you're fighting for survival in the survival game The Forest, you'll need one thing above all else in the long run: medicine. In order to cope with the adversities that await you in the game world, you need to be able to treat your injuries. You can make your own herbal medicine for this purpose, but you will need aloe vera, among other things - and this herb is not so easy to find.

We explain in our guide how you can farm aloe vera efficiently and how you can process it.

Aloe vera: What do I need the herb for in The Forest?

What is aloe vera? In the game world of The Forest, you can find several medicinal plants to make medicine. Besides coneflower and marigold, aloe vera is also one of these plants. You can use aloe vera for the following recipes:

  • herbal medicine (regenerates 50 HP): 1x aloe vera + 1x marigold
  • herbal medicine+ (regenerates health completely): 1x aloe vera + 1x marigold + 1 coneflower
  • Energy mix+ (replenishes energy and grants 60 stamina points) : 1x aloe vera + 1x echinacea + 1x chicory

Also, note that Aloe vera is the only plant in The Forst that can cure infections and diseases. So you should definitely save some herbs of this variety so that you are prepared for emergencies.

Finding aloe vera - tips and best farm spots

Where can I find aloe vera? There are two ways to get aloe vera in The Forest: First, you can collect it directly on the island, but second, you can also grow it in your garden - provided you have the appropriate seeds.

However, both methods have a catch: aloe vera is difficult to find in the wild because the plant grows very low and quickly perishes in areas with a lot of vegetation. The yield of aloe vera in the garden is also rather moderate, while you can only get seeds with a lot of luck and patience when collecting aloe vera plants.

Nevertheless, we have a few tips for you to keep in mind while searching for aloe vera in The Forest game world, which will help you farm the herbs:

  • Use TheForestMap to find locations of herbs. Note that which herb grows at each location is random.
  • Use signal flags (made of 2 rocks, 2 sticks, and 1 cloth) to mark locations where you discovered aloe vera. You can return there later to collect more aloe vera.
  • Search the map for areas marked as fertile. Here you will find herbs more often than elsewhere, although there is no guarantee that aloe vera will be there.
  • Aloe vera often appears in groups. Look near an herb you find for more specimens of the plant.
  • Walk slowly so you can more easily spot the small plant on the ground. You may also find it helpful to adjust the color correction in The Forest's options menu - for example, the Blockbuster effect makes for a more vibrant green.
  • Some players report finding aloe vera preferentially near marigolds. So, if you discover a marigold, look extra hard for aloe vera in its vicinity.
  • Popular farm spots for aloe vera are also in a field on a cliff, which you can reach by walking northeast from the cockpit of your crashed plane.
  • Alternatively, you can also go from the crashed yacht to the west of the island into the forest and search for aloe vera near the large dead tree.

One thing is for sure: Aloe Vera is probably the rarest herb in The Forest. So you'll need some patience to find this important medicinal plant. Use the garden as a supplement, so you'll always have a sufficient supply of medicine.

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Source: TheForestWiki

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