Conan Exiles – Where to Find Iron and Coal

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Conan Exiles provides a world filled with both treasure and terror. Resources can be plentiful while traversing the barbaric landscape, however, obtaining these items does not come without risk.

When starting out, you’ll have no trouble picking up bits and bobs to help out your character. Simple hand-held stones will even make it easier to cut down trees for wood. However, once you’re past the initial scrounge for items and are more settled in the world, progressing your person gets a little harder. We’re here to help you find those sweet sought after items likeĀ iron and coal.

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Where to find Iron Ore

Iron ore is a relatively rare resource and cannot really be found in the desert or plains. If you’re looking for small amounts, iron can be found when breaking apart larger boulders for stone. However, for players wanting to hoard large quantities, a visit to the mountains is required.

Here you can find Iron.
Beware these monstrous creepy crawlies.

The mountainous regions of Conan Exiles will provide you with veins and clusters of iron that cannot be found elsewhere. Be warned! Journeying anywhere in this game can be extremely dangerous. You are likely to come across giant spiders, rampaging rhinos, howling hyenas, and bloodthirsty players fighting for the same resources. Make sure to venture out well-equipped, or with a group of friends readies to back you up.

Where to Find Coal

Coal is a little more common than ore and can be found in similar places to iron. Venture up to a plateau or into the mountains, and you will most likely find it while searching for other materials.

Conan Exiles Coal
Coal is black and easy to spot.

Crafting With Iron

To make iron bars, first, you must craft a stone furnace. Then simply smelt your hard-earned ore up while using either wood or coal as fuel. With your shiny new bars, no longer will you need to use stone tools and wear rags. Iron bars allow players to craft stronger weapons, tools, and armor. Just remember, it take two pieces of iron ore to make one iron bar.

Top Tip: If you cook stones in the furnace, they’ll become bricks.

Smelt away your sorrows.

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