Diablo 4: Strong Necromancer Minion Build for 50+

Published: Jul. 17, 2023
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Blizzard's ARPG Diablo 4 opens its gates of hell, and you can go into battle with one of 5 classes. In our Endgame Minion Build, we tell you how to progress with the Necromancer from level 50.

What it's about: Diablo 4 is the latest ARPG spin-off from Blizzard, and more and more players are reaching the endgame from level 50. So that you are equipped with your necromancer, we tell you a good minion build with which you can safely reach level 100.

You are not yet level 50? Try our level build for the Necromancer.

Minion Endgame Build for the Necromancer in Diablo 4

The necromancer in Diablo 4 offers a variety of skills that you can skillfully combine to cast effective, destructive spells on your opponents. We focus on the servants and darkness and frost damage in the end-game build.

  • Good damage from servants
  • High essence generation
  • Safe gameplay even on higher tier levels
  • Strong item and aspect dependency
  • Corpses are not used for extra damage
  • Low burst damage
  • Not good in PvP

These are the Talents your Level 50+ Necromancer Needs

To create the optimal build, you should learn the following skills and activate them in your skill tree. Up to level 50 and thanks to the Renown system, you can distribute a total of 58 points.

Order Skill
1 Decompose
2 Enhanced Decompose
3 Acolyte's Decompose
4 Sever
5 Sever Level 2
6 Sever Level 3
7 Sever Level 4
8 Sever Level 5
9 Enhanced Sever
10 Supernatural Sever
11 Hewed Flesh
12 Hewed Flesh Level 2
13 Hewed Flesh Level 3
14 Unliving Energy
15 Unliving Energy level 2
16 Unliving Energy Level 3
17 Imperfectly Balanced
18 Imperfectly Balanced Level 2
19 Imperfectly Balanced Level 3
20 Blood Mist
21 Enhanced Blood Mist
22 Ghastly Blood Mist
23 Skeletal Warrior Mastery
24 Skeletal Warrior Mastery Level 2
25 Skeletal Warrior Mastery Level 3
26 Grim Harvest
27 Grim Harvest level 2
28 Grim Harvest Level 3
29 Fueled by Death
30 Death's Embrace
31 Death's Embrace Level 2
32 Death's Embrace Level 3
33 Death's Reach
34 Death's Reach Level 2
35 Death's Reach Level 3
36 Skeletal Mage Mastery
37 Skeletal Mage Mastery Level 2
38 Skeletal Mage Mastery Level 3
39 Reaper's Pursuit
40 Crippling Darkness
41 Golem Mastery
42 Army of the Dead
43 Prime Army of the Dead
44 Supreme Army of the Dead
45 Kalan's Edict
46 Inspiring Leader
47 Inspiring Leader Level 2
48 Inspiring Leader Level 3
49 Hellbent Commander
50 Hellbent Commander Level 2
51 Hellbent Commander Level 3
52 Death's Defense
53 Death's Defense Level 1
54 Death's Defense Level 2
55 Bonded in Essence
56 Bonded in Essence Level 2
57 Bonded in Essence Level 3
58 Golem Level 2

How to Play the Necromancer from Level 50 Onwards

How to use your skills: This endgame build is designed to deal as much damage as possible with your minions – more on this below. Your minions will randomly attack your opponents, and at best, you stay close to your Skeleton Mages so that they benefit from the passive ability “Hellbent Commander” (+30% damage if you stand close). From this position, attack your targets with Reaper and regenerate Essence with Decompose.

You use corpses to revive fallen skeletons or to heal and strengthen them with the skeleton priest. You use the army of the dead on strong elite groups or bosses for an initial burst of damage or when all your skeletons are destroyed, and you lack corpses.

With the help of the Blood Mist, you can create more corpses and are immune to damage for a short time. The perfect ability to get out of difficult situations.

The build is based on this: The build depends on a few equipment items and aspects you must collect beforehand. Then your dark spells freeze, and your skeleton mages regularly summon a blizzard. So it's all about supercooling or freezing enemies for a high damage boost and more chances of survival at higher tier levels.

How to Skill Your Servants in the Book of the Dead

As a necromancer, you naturally have servants supporting you in battle. You can specialize them in different ways in your Book of the Dead. Proceed as follows:

  • Skeletal Warrior: Reaper [2].
  • Skeletal Mages: Cold [1]
  • Golem: With the golem, you can choose and adapt it to the situation.
    • Bone [1]: Good for drawing the attention of enemies to your golem.
    • Blood [2]: Strong damage buff as long as you are healthy.
    • Iron [2]: The smashing of the golem makes your opponents vulnerable.
Diablo necromancer endgame build

How to skill your Minions.

Necromancer Endgame Build: The Right Equipment Values and Legendaries

So that you are not entirely lost regarding your equipment, we tell you which stats you should prioritize and which legendary aspects are suitable for this build.

  • Weapon: Here, you need the unique two-handed scythe “Bloodless Scream”. The weapon dropped twice in the Act 1 dungeon “Hoarfrost Demise” as a holy version. The aspect of the weapon ensures that your enemies who Reaper and Decompose hit are hypothermia.
  • Armor: Otherwise, pay attention to the following values for your armor, but also for your weapon:
    • Damage against cooled/frozen targets.
    • Damage against distant targets.
    • +Life for servants
    • +Damage for servants
    • Lucky Hit Chance.
    • +Darkness spell
    • +Darkness Damage
    • Intelligence
Blutloser Schrei Effekt Diablo 4

With the "Bloodless Scream" scythe, the build really makes sense.

  • Legendary Aspects: You need these legendary aspects:
    • Aspect of the Protector: When you damage elite enemies, you gain a barrier. Found in Lost Archives in the Fractured Peaks.
    • Unyielding Commander's Aspect: A powerful buff to your army of the dead. Found in Faceless Shrine in Hazewar.
    • Aspect of Reanimation: Increases the damage of your Skeletons. Found in Aldur Wood in Scosglen.
    • Blood Getter's Aspect: Increases the number of your Skeleton Warriors. It can only be found on one item.
    • Viscous Aspect: Increases the number of your Skeleton Mages. It can only be found on one item. It is best to put this aspect on your amulet.
    • Coldbringers Aspect: Your Skeleton Mages regularly call forth a Blizzard. It can only be found on one item.
    • Aspect of Frenzied Dead: Increases the attack speed of your servants. It can only be found on one item.
    • Aspect of Hardened Bones: Increases the defense of your servants. It can only be found on one item.
  • Gems: For gems, you must collect and socket 3 types:
    • Weapon: Sapphire for critical hit chance on vulnerable enemies.
    • Armour: Ruby for more life.
    • Jewellery: Diamond for higher resistance.

How to Skill your Paragon Boards in the Necromancer Build

In the Paragon system, you have 200 points available at max level. So you can invest plenty of points to make your Necromancer build even stronger. On the way to the magic and legendary glyphs, pay attention to the following values:

  • Anything that strengthens your servants.
  • Intelligence.
  • Willpower.
  • Dexterity.

In the first board, you skill in the right direction and use the magic glyph “Territorial”, which increases your damage against close targets by 2% for every 5 Dexterity active in the area. We sacrifice the glyph here, as we don't get the full bonus initially. At higher levels, you can exchange the glyph for Golem or Control.

Necro Paragon

This is what the first Paragon board looks like at the Necromancer.

Once you have completed the start board to the top, the next board is the "Cult Leader", who has a legendary glyph for your servants. Here you also skill the glyphs that generally strengthen your servants.

The next boards that make sense for this build are:

  • Hulking Monstrosity: Your Golem has 40% more health and deals 30% more damage.
  • Scent of Death: Increases your damage reduction by 15% if there are corpses nearby and your damage by 15% if there are none.

Suitable glyphs for your boards are:

  • Territorial: Damage buff against and less damage from nearby enemies.
  • Golem: More damage and life for the golem.
  • Control: Damage buff against crowd control enemies, and even more damage against hypothermic and frozen enemies.

This is our Necromancer build from level 50 onwards, so you can get everything done up to level 100. For PvP, however, the build is less suitable, especially for several players, as your servants are spread out too much.

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