Diablo 4: The Best Necromancer Leveling Build 1-50

Published: Aug. 02, 2023
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Blizzard's ARPG Diablo 4 opens its gates of hell and you can go into battle with one of 5 classes. In our level build, we tell you the easiest way to progress with the necromancer.

What it's about: Diablo 4 is the latest ARPG spin-off from Blizzard and opens its doors on 1 June. To make it easy for you to get to the endgame, where Diablo really gets going, we'll tell you how to make good progress with our level build. Here you can find out everything useful about the Necromancer that you need to level up.

Necromancer Level Build in Diablo 4 with Bone Spear & Corpse Explosion

The Bone Spear build in Diablo 4 makes it easy to level up the Necromancer. Already in the beta, this build has proven to deal good and constant damage at range, both in groups and solo.

  • High damage
  • High range
  • Makes opponents vulnerable
  • Suitable for solo and group players
  • At the beginning still melee-oriented
  • Less damage with bosses

These are the Talents your Necromancer Needs from Level 1 to 15.

To create the optimal build, you should learn the following skills in the right order and activate them in your skill tree. Up to level 50 and thanks to the Renown System, you can distribute a total of 58 points.

Order Skill
1 Bone Splinters
2 Enhanced Bone Splinters
3 Blood Surge
4 Blood Surge Level 2
5 Blood Surge Level 3
6 Blood Surge Level 4
7 Blood Surge Level 5
8 Corpse Explosion
9 Enhanced Corpse Explosion
10 Hewed Flesh
11 Hewed Flesh Level 2
12 Hewed Flesh Level 3
13 Grim Harvest
14 Grim Harvest Level 2
15 Grim Harvest Level 3

How to play the Necromancer up to level 15: Up to this point, you mainly have the Blood Surge skill to do damage. This skill is used in close combat, which makes you more vulnerable to damage. Thanks to Hewed Flesh you have a chance to regularly create corpses and with Corpse Explosion you provide more damage in groups of enemies. If you run out of essence, you can attack your opponents with Bone Splinters.

Your Necromancer Needs these Talents from Level 16 to 50

If you have reached level 15 or 15 skill points, you should switch now before you can continue. All 5 points you invested in Blood Surge you now put into Bone Spear, the main attack of our build. This changes the build from its initial melee orientation to range.

Order Skill
16 Enhanced Bone Spear
17 Supernatural Bone Spear
18 Corpse Explosion Level 2
19 Corpse Explosion Level 3
20 Corpse Explosion Level 4
21 Corpse Explosion Level 5
22 Skeletal Warrior Mastery
23 Skeletal Warrior Mastery Level 2
24 Skeletal Warrior Mastery Level 3
25 Plagued Corpse Explosion
26 Serration
27 Serration Level 2
28 Serration Level 3
29 Compound Fracture
30 Evulsion
31 Evulsion Level 2
32 Ossified Essence
33 Evulsion Level 3
34 Unliving Energy
35 Unliving Energy Level 2
36 Unliving Energy Level 3
37 Fueled by Death
38 Fueled by Death Level 2
39 Fueled by Death Level 3
40 Blood Mist
41 Compound Fracture Level 2
42 Compound Fracture Level 3
43 Imperfectly Balanced
44 Imperfectly Balanced Level 2
45 Imperfectly Balanced Level 3
46 Skeletal Mage Mastery
47 Skeletal Mage Mastery Level 2
48 Skeletal Mage Mastery Level 3
49 Necrotic Carapace
50 Necrotic Carapace Level 2
51 Necrotic Carapace Level 3
52 Death’s Reach
53 Death’s Reach Level 2
54 Death’s Reach Level 3
55 Inspiring Leader
56 Hellbent Commander
57 Hellbent Commander Level 2
58 Kalan's Edict

This is how you play the Necromancer up to level 50: From level 15, the Bone Spear is one of your main attacks. It costs essence, but thanks to Grim Harvest and Corpse Explosion you get more essence with every exploding corpse. So you use your Bone Spear first and then kill the remaining enemies with your Corpse Explosion.

To defeat bosses, you do the same thing. You basically spam the Bone Spear and use your Corspe Explosion whenever you have a few corpses lying around, which are generated regularly with this build.

How to Skill Your Minions in the Book of the Undead

As a necromancer, you naturally have minions to support you in battle. You can specialize them in different ways in your Book of the Undead. Proceed as follows:

  • Skeletal Warriors: Reaper
  • Skeletal Mages: Bone or Cold
  • Golems: At the beginning, you can freely choose between Bone and Blood. Towards the end, you should switch to Iron Golem.


Necromancer Level Build: The Right Equipment Values and Legendarys

So that you are not completely lost when it comes to your equipment, we tell you which stats you should prioritise and which legendary aspects are suitable for this build.

  • Weapon: Pay attention to high damage values. Also note that a one-handed weapon can be better than a two-handed weapon in combination with a good offhand or a shield, as shields strengthen your main weapon by 80%.
  • Armor: For armor, pay attention to the following values:
    • Damage against vulnerable targets.
    • Damage against distant targets.
    • Critical hit damage.
    • Lucky hit chance.
  • Gems: You must collect and socket 3 types of gems:
    • Weapon: Emerald for more critical hit chance against wounded targets.
    • Armor: Ruby for more health points.
    • Jewelry: Diamonds for higher resistance.

Legendary: For this build, you should go to the Dry Steppes and complete the Guulrahn Slum Dungeon. This will unlock the legendary aspect “Splintering Aspect”, which allows you to effectively and quickly make large groups vulnerable with your Bone Spear.

With this level build, you are now perfectly equipped for the endgame and have a little leeway with your skeletons.

More Diablo Level Builds

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You should switch now and put all your points in bone spear from blood surge? Uh... switch now? Please clarify how this is to be done. little fuzzy on what to do exactly. Thanks for the time.


You have to many active skills, which skills I should replace later on? I have 6 active skills on my bar fallowing your guide, then you added blood mist and decrepify, I have not enough space on my bar


I got Skeletons and golem on my bar, I assumed you have added those skills to your bar as guide tells you to pick skills from book of the dead, like reapers, skeletal mages and iron golem instead of sacrifice them for higher damage, crits etc.


Yes, That's the build I'm using ATM. Additionally I refunded blood surge skill points and added them to bone spear for higher DMG as I'm not using the blood surge anymore

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